Why Oliver Peoples Is For All Peoples

Oliver Peoples

With the conclusion of last night’s Oscars, the award season is officially over. While many styles took over the spotlight this season, one pair of frames truly sparkled on the red carpet: Oliver Peoples.

From the Golden Globes to The GRAMMYs, we were pleased to see so many celebrities rocking a pair of Oliver Peoples frames throughout the award season. Sassy sunglasses? Check. Classy specs? You betcha. The celebs were seen sporting them all this year.

It’s not just during award season that you’ll see celebrities showing off their Oliver Peoples. All year long, and in just about every part of the globe, you’ll see everyone from Emma Stone to Rob Lowe rocking a pair of OP frames. At the beach, at a movie premiere, and out about town with a piece of arm candy, these are just a few places you’ll see celebs wearing Oliver Peoples. Not to mention, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shows up all over the Internet anytime you search for this frame on Google. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing, we’re just saying.

Emma Stone wearing Oliver Peoples Rob Lowe wearing Oliver Peoples

As much as we love seeing A-list, B-list, and C-list celebs sport one of our favorite pair of designers, we LOVE that just as many Average Joe’s and Jane’s can be seen wearing them around town. All you have to do is a quick Instagram and Twitter search to see tweets, selfies, and artsy pics of ordinary people wearing and talking about these frames. With superior craftsmanship, timeless metals, and classic acetates, it’s no mystery why everyone loves Oliver Peoples.

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Stop by and see why everyone from your favorite celeb on the red carpet to your next-door neighbor loves rocking Oliver Peoples.

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