What’s the Difference Between Nearsighted and Farsighted?

difference between nearsighted and farsighted

Glasses were first invented to help correct farsightedness for people who had trouble with their vision. These days we’re lucky to have moved far beyond that.

There are glasses for help those with farsighted vision, nearsighted vision, and for people who have both. There’s even glasses with plain lenses for people who don’t have poor eyesight!

There is also a plethora of glasses available, no matter what kind of vision you have. Designer eyeglasses, prescription designer sunglasses, and custom sunglasses are all options if you wear glasses.

Do you know the difference between nearsighted and farsighted vision? If you have noticed a difference in your vision lately, but you’re not sure what category it falls into, we at Eye Elegance are here to help!

Have you experienced signs you need glasses? Having eye problems can make life harder and require you to adjust. It’s important to understand the difference between the two so that you know how to help yourself and correct your vision.

Read on to learn the differences between these two types of vision.

Being Nearsighted

Having nearsighted vision means that you can see things clearly when they are close to you but that you have trouble seeing things that are far away.

One trick to remember this is to think of it as literally being able to see sights that are near, hence the title of being nearsighted.

Your vision is probably fine when you are reading nearby signs, reading a book, or even watching your television. However, you likely have difficulty seeing faraway road signs and details like facial features or expressions of people not standing near you.

Nearsightedness is common! It happens because the shape of your eye causes light rays to refract incorrectly. When this happens, images focus in front of your retina instead of on your retina, causing blurriness.

Other symptoms of nearsightedness, besides blurry vision of faraway objects, is needing to squint to see clearly, getting headaches after straining your eyes, and having more difficulty seeing at night.

Nearsightedness can run in your family and either gradually or rapidly develop during early childhood or adolescence.

A child with nearsighted vision may show early signs of it by consistently wanting to sit closer to the television, squinting a lot, rubbing their eyes frequently, and being oblivious to distant objects or people.

Being Farsighted

Having farsighted vision means that you can see things clearly when they are far away but that objects near you appear blurry.

Farsightedness occurs when light rays are not bending properly in your eye to create sharply focused images. It occurs when your eyeball is shorter than average or when your cornea is not curved enough.

If you have severe farsightedness, you may only be able to clearly see objects that are a great distance away. If you have mild farsightedness, you can clearly see objects that are not quite as far but still a distance away.

Farsightedness is sometimes present from birth and can also run in your family.

Some symptoms may include needing to squint to see clearly, having eyestrain, burning eyes, or aching eyes, and getting headaches after tasks like reading, working on a computer, or having to focus on objects close to you.

Farsightedness sometimes is associated with other issues as well. Children with farsighted vision may sometimes develop crossed eyes. A reduced quality of life may also be the result of your vision when you have trouble completing everyday tasks.

It’s important to maintain a regular schedule of visitations with your eye doctor. If you wear glasses and have (or are at risk of developing) health conditions that affect your eyes, you should have your eyes checked regularly.

In the case, ask your eye doctor how often you should be making appointments. If you notice your vision getting blurrier or changing, you should make an appointment as it may signify another health condition or that it’s time for a prescription change.

Is There A Difference Between Nearsighted And Farsighted Glasses?

Luckily, no matter what kind of vision you have, there are plenty of options for glasses.

There is no difference between glasses for each type of vision! The difference is made by your prescription. Prescription lenses can be attached to any kind of frame, so your options are endless.

Men’s glasses range from simple and black to brightly colored and everything in between. At Eye Elegance, we also carry sunglasses for men who want to shield their eyes from the sun while still being able to see clearly.

We carry trustworthy brands like Bellinger, Oliver Peoples, and Tom Davies Bespoke. Every man will find a style that suits them in our collection of glasses.

Women’s glasses are available in every frame style imaginable. Whether you want classic frames, leopard print frames, or frames with a checkerboard pattern, we have what you’re looking for. We carry designer glasses as well as affordable ones.

We also carry sunglasses for women! Our prescription sunglasses allow you to see clearly while showing off your unique style and summer fashion.

Our sunglasses comes in trendy colors and designs that range from a cute, vintage look to the latest eyewear fashion like rounded frames or aviator style frames.

We also give you the option of different colored lenses for your sunglasses. Each color lens affects your eyesight differently.

Grey lenses cut the sun’s brightness and do not affect your color recognition. Green lenses heighten color contrasts but preserves color balance. Brown and amber lenses heightens color contrast and sharpens your vision by blocking large amounts of blue light.

Rose or red lenses optimize contrasts and are fun and trendy, but they do create a significant color imbalance.

Orange and yellow lenses can improve your focus by helping to filter out blue light.

Buy Your New Glasses Today

Now you know the difference between nearsighted and farsighted vision! You can take your new knowledge and consider whether it’s time for you to get a new pair of glasses or update your prescription.

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