What “size” frame do I wear?

Now and then a customer comes into the store and says something like “I can only wear a 47”, or “These frames are a 52.  I have to have something close to that size”, or “Can you tell me what size frame I should wear.”  It is all part of the myth that eyewear comes in sizes like your shoes or clothes, and it is true that some frames (not all) are imprinted with a “size” on the temple or bridge.
You should bear in mind that that is only one of many “sizes” that determine how a frame fits.  Really, it is a guide for the optician when it comes to ordering lenses than anything else.  Take a look at this diagram.
For instance, a “47” eyesize with a 20mm DBL (distance between lenses, or bridge width) and 9mm endpieces will be much larger [(47x 2) + 20 + 18 = 132mm] overall than a “49” with a 16mm DBL and 5mm endpieces [(49 x 2) + 16 + 10 = 124mm].  In that example, a size “47” frame is 8mm, or about 3/8 inch larger than the size “49” frame.
You can see in the second part of the diagram that even temple length can be affected by how the temple is attached to the frame.  If the temple hinge is attached to a 10mm long extender, a 135mm temple would fit the same as a 145mm temple with the hinge attached directly to the frame front.
The shape of the lens, placement of the temples higher or lower in respect to the lens, and the thickness of the plastic or metal surrounding the lens all also affect the overall fit and appearance of the frame. The “frame size” is a VERY unreliable predictor of frame fit.  By varying the bridge width and endpiece size, it is possible for a “40” to fit the same as a “52”.  The real question always is–Does THIS frame fit me and do I like the way it looks?  At Eye Elegance we are experts in finding the right frame for your face, regardless of “size”!
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