What Are the Health Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses?

When you think of sun protection, you most likely think of protecting your skin. Well, a recent study paid for by the U.S. National Eye Institute found that over-exposure to UV rays can damage proteins in your eyes. This damage can lead to cataracts, impaired vision, and other sight complications.

The research also showed that over-exposure to UV rays may be a cause of eye cancer and macular degeneration. Regardless of your age, your eyes are susceptible to sun damage and deserve the protection that wearing sunglasses can afford.

Blue Light Protection

Before we jump into the more obvious and well-known danger of UV light, let’s talk about blue light. You may have heard that blue light is a harmful form of light that emanates from your electronic devices.

You may even own a pair of blue light glasses to help protect your eyes from the strain and pain of staring at a screen all day. If so, smart choice.

Still, did you know that the majority of blue light you encounter actually comes from the sun?

Thankfully, your mother probably taught you not to stare into the sun or you’d “burn your eyes,” but she may not have told you that wearing sunglasses also protects your eyes from the blue light of your cellphone.

Wearing sunglasses can quite literally spare you the headache resulting from over-exposure to blue light on a daily basis.

If you do happen to suffer from frequent migraines, blue light is actually the most painful hue for your eyes. Wearing sunglasses and protective eyewear is your best option apart from throwing your devices away and staying inside all day.

Prevent Photokeratitis

Don’t stress the pronunciation…it’s the pain this condition causes that you should really be worried about. In layman’s terms, photokeratitis is a sunburn of the eye.

Luckily, photokeratitis is a temporary condition that results in blurry vision. It is caused by over-exposure to UV rays in the eye. This can often occur for individuals who participate in activities where the sun’s glare is especially strong.

Things like skiing or water sports often create a bright, UV-glare that induces photokeratitis in participants.

There’s a reason professional athletes wear UV-protecting glasses and goggles to participate in these events. You should too.

Custom sunglasses or sports lenses can be especially useful for protecting your eyes during sporting or active outdoor activities. Polarized sunglasses are especially good at glare protection compared to tinted lenses.

Avoid Skin Damage and Premature Aging

Call them what you will laugh lines or crow’s feet, premature skin aging around the eyes is usually brought on by too much sun exposure and lots of squinting.

As UV rays penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, the connective tissue is disturbed. This reduces your skin’s elasticity. The skin thickens, drys out, and an over-production of melanin leaves you with liver (dark) spots.

The skin around your eyes is especially delicate. Hence, all the products and services which promise to eliminate bags and reduce wrinkles. But the best solution to dark, wrinkled, or tired-looking eyes is preventive.

It’s wearing sunglasses.

Of course, wearing sunscreen is important to prevent premature skin damage, but if you’re squinting all the time, even your 100 SPF won’t deter those pesky wrinkles.

Reduce Cancer Risk

As mentioned, some studies have shown that UV rays can lead to some forms of eye cancer. That being said, as the skin around your eyes is so delicate and susceptible to burning, skin cancer is another risk from too much sun exposure on and around your eyes.

It may not be as common as skin cancer on your shoulders, back, or head, but skin cancer on the face and eyelids is a dangerous reality.

Sunglasses for men and women are an important safety measure to prevent UV rays from damaging that fragile skin around your eyes. When it comes down to it, wearing sunglasses is probably one of the more fashionable methods of preventing skin cancer.

Why not enjoy the best of both worlds: skin protection and looking fantastic?

Prevent Symptoms of Jet Lag

An unusual health benefit of wearing sunglasses is the reduction of jet lag symptoms. Apparently, limiting your exposure to UV rays during long flights can help reduce the symptoms of drowsiness, headaches, and exhaustion that sometimes accompany extended flights.

Bring along a pair of UV protective sunglasses for women or men and wear them during your trip. They may even afford you some privacy while you dose off next to your in-flight neighbors.

Prevent Pterygium

Pterygium is sometimes known as “surfer’s eye.” It is another painful condition of the eye where a thick growth of blood vessels and tissues cover the eye.

If left untreated, these thick vessels can grow and eventually cover the cornea

Wearing UV protective sunglasses helps prevent this painful condition and also works to prevent uncomfortable dry eyes. If you spend even a moderate amount of time outdoors or are exposed to blue or UV light, wearing sunglasses regularly is one of the best defenses against this condition.

Wearing Sunglasses Is Essential to Eye Health

If this myriad of health reasons isn’t compelling enough to induce you to start wearing sunglasses, consider this one basic rationale: they look dang good.

Fortunately, keeping your eyes safe and healthy can be fun and attractive.

Browse our various brands of men’s and women’s sunglasses and choose the pair that’s perfect for you today. You can also reach out to our experienced Opticians for guidance on choosing the right pair for your needs. Get those eyes protected, and look good doing it.

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