Top 5 Designer Eyewear Trends of 2016

5…4…3…2…1… Happy New Year!!! Celebrate in style with some of the hottest eyewear trends coming your way in 2016.

You may have already noticed a couple of these looks popping up on celebrities and around your favorite Houston hotspots, but if not, it’s time for a preview. Here are our top five picks for the best designer eyewear trends of 2016:

  1. Rounded lenses
    • We hope you’re ready for a well-rounded year… at least in terms of your lenses. If you haven’t noticed by now, round lenses have suddenly taken the eyewear world by storm. Expect to see everything from round lens aviators to rimless round reading glasses. And don’t be surprised if you see a lot of metal bridges in the middle.

Lindberg Eyewear

  1. Calming colors
    • If 2015 was the year of bright, bold colors, 2016 is going to calm things down a little. This year expect to see more natural, minimalist colors inspired by nature and tranquil atmospheres. Think pale blue, forest green and soft pastels, like lavender and pink.
  1. Browlines
    • Throughout 2015 you may have noticed the reemergence of browline frames. Hugely popular in the 1950s (think George McFly in Back to the Future), these top-heavy frames are in the process of making a huge comeback, especially for men. Combined with the rounded lenses mentioned above, these “retro-futuristic” eyeglasses will soon be blowing up the runway.

oliver peoples jardinette

  1. Clear frames
    • Black is out, clear is in. In a step toward a more modern, simplistic look, in 2016 translucent frames will be everywhere. Instead of becoming a prominent factor for your style, like many black frames, clear frames are meant to compliment your natural features and pave the way for a more simplistic, graceful look.
  1. Exaggerated Cat-Eyes
    • This last trend probably comes as no surprise. Cat-eye frames have been around for decades and never seem to lose their appeal. However, just like real eyes, cat-eye specs come in all shapes and sizes, and this year things are getting exaggerated! Expect to see over-sized frames or dramatic points, as well as bold colors like bright pink.

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