Think Twice About Ordering Prescription Eyewear Online

Purchasing prescription eyewear online seems simple and convenient, but the truth is there are plenty of downsides. In today’s one-touch purchase world, it can be tempting to do everything with a handy app, but when it comes to your eyeglasses, we say do it the old-fashioned way: in person.

Pros vs. Cons

Sure, you can shop unlimited styles from the comfort of your own couch when you shop for eyewear online, but you can’t try them on! Buying eyeglasses online can be a challenge due to many factors in addition to fit, including:

  • Multiple returns and exchanges
  • Prescription accuracy
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Insurance complications/coverage

Plus, let’s be honest—having every single pair of frames on the internet to choose from sounds kind of exhausting! When you shop at Eye Elegance, you’re choosing from an expertly-curated selection of eyewear that makes it easier, not harder, to find the right pair of frames for you.

Blac Plus +105 Denim Blue

Are You Sure You’re Saving Money?

The frames you buy online might be less expensive than a pair you purchase in person, but how much did they really cost? How long did you shop, how many times did you have to return or exchange a pair, and how long did you wait for your frames to arrive in the mail?

Fit & Comfort: Essential to Eye Health

Set yourself up for success and shop for your eyewear in person. Do you have fit issues or a particularly challenging prescription? This is especially true for you. When you shop with the help of an optician, they will ensure prescription and fit accuracy that won’t result in blurry vision and eye discomfort. Our experienced Eye Elegance staff is ready to help you shop for the perfect pair of frames to help you love the way you look, and the way you see.

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