Theo Sunglasses for Men: How To Choose the Right Style and Color

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There are many reasons why men should be wearing sunglasses. Sure, they are great for protecting your eyes, but they are also undeniable fashion accessories.

For men, wearing sunglasses completes any look, especially when it comes to summer fashion. And if you are looking at buying the hottest trend in sunglasses, you’ll need to consider Theo sunglasses.

Theo sunglasses are the must-have accessory for the summer. Unique, stylish, and customizable, with these sunglasses, you’ll definitely be the cool kid on the block when the weather heats up.

When it comes to buying designer glasses and sunglasses you want to buy the right color and shape but you also want to stay true to your style. Read on to find out more about choosing the perfect Theo sunglasses.

Philosophy of Theo Eyewear

The brand was started by Patick Hoet and Wim Somers in 1987, in Antwerp and Bruges, Belgium. The pair wanted to create a line of designer glasses that was unpredictable, unique, and groundbreaking. The resulting glasses were so striking, that they became popular as avant-garde fashion and later won over the hearts and minds of the wider population.

Each pair of their glasses is hand-crafted and carefully inspected. The company remains true to its craft of making quality eyewear.

Many of their eyewear styles, including sunglasses, can be worn by both men and women. This is what makes Theo eyewear special: it’s all about individuality, innovation, and pushing the boundaries.

Theo Sunglasses

Summer is the time to turn up the heat on your uniqueness and creativity. There are no designer sunglasses more funky or more head-turning than Theo sunglasses. Any of the Theo frames can be custom-made into striking sunglasses.

When choosing custom sunglasses, the process is simple: choose from many unique styles, then choose your preferred tint. With so many possible combinations, you will be sure that your sunglasses represent your style to the fullest extent.

Designer Sunglasses: Choosing a Style

Traditionally, men should select a style of glasses or sunglasses based on their shape face and bone structure. There is no perfect formula for this but there are some basic guidelines:

  • Square shaped faces or people with strong jaws should choose round or oval glasses
  • Round faces should choose more angular glasses
  • Heart-shaped faces should choose thinner frames
  • Oval-shaped faces are good for every style of glasses

This is all quite complicated, however, and goes against the philosophy of Theo eyewear.  They believe that choosing eyeglasses or sunglasses should be based on your personality and style. They do not believe it should be an analysis of your face structure or features.

Theo men’s sunglasses designs feature unique designs with loads of color choices. There are bold, thick frames, wireframes, perfectly round lenses, and everything in between. There are styles of Theo sunglasses for every personality and they are the perfect way to make a bold style statement.

Theo Sunglasses for Men

Theo sunglasses are considered among the best sunglasses for men. Between the frame styles and range of colors, there are unlimited choices of Theo sunglasses. Choose the frame, choose the tint of your lens. It’s that simple. Here are some of the popular models but there are many more to choose from.

If You Love Design, Perspective, and Pushing Boundaries: Choose the Eyewitness Collection

The inspiration for the Eyewitness collection started with a 2D drawing of glasses that was literally turned into an actual pair of glasses.  A culmination of a long, detailed design and production process, these glasses are created with simple lines like in a perspective drawing.

The glasses in the Eyewitness collection are known for being asymmetric and eccentric. They come in 5 unique shapes and come in eight color combos, each featuring 2 contour lines.

If You Love Millenial Culture, Pure Form, and Balance: Choose the Mille Collection

These glasses are designed to be well-balanced and ergonomic. The frames appear heavy, but are thin on the edges, making them surprisingly lightweight. They are great for men with higher prescriptions.

This beautiful line of glasses features 4 models in a variety of matte and glossy textures and colors. Each pair also has a well-thought-out color accent on the ear tip.

If You Love Industry, Innovation, and Invention: Choose the James Collection

Created by product designer James Van Vossel, the James collection combines original, chic form and functionality. The glasses have a striking look with an open front that still amazingly holds the glass in place. Despite the heavy look of the frames, they are extremely lightweight.

The Theo James line of glasses features models in glossy and matte options that come in many different color combinations.

If You Love Contrast, Puzzles, and Daring Fashion Choices: Choose the Plié Collection

The Plie collection is a new shape of glasses that is all about the art of folding. These experimental glasses were a challenge to create but the result is a pair of strong, innovative glasses that you will be proud to wear.

The dramatic glasses in this collection come in several different styles and colors, from muted shades to bright hues.

Style Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Men don’t have to be muted or traditional in their choice of sunglasses. They shouldn’t be afraid to be bold and unique. That’s what Theo sunglasses are for. They offer options of sunglasses in many styles and colors, each pair offering a unique look and touch of whimsy.

Lens Color for Designer Glasses

Once you have chosen a style you like, you can choose your preferred color or tint to the lens.

Recently, sunglasses for men are becoming bolder and include every shade of lens under the sun. Colors like pink, yellow and light blue have been spotted on musicians, actors, and other celebrities.

There are no right or wrong lens colors and Theo sunglasses are all about uniqueness—so there are no set rules. You should think of lens color as a balance of style and utility.

For bright sunlight and outdoor sports, consider brown, amber, green, or gray lenses that buffer the light and enhance contrast.

For low-light or hazy conditions, and a need to focus on moving objects consider a yellow or blue lens for greater clarity.

For driving or if you wear sunglasses indoors, consider red or pink lenses, as they enhance visual depth and reduce eye strain.

Theo: Designer Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Theo has been making designer eyeglasses for 35 years. Their designer glasses are known to stand out from the pack and make bold style statements. They make the perfect summer accessory for every man.

Thinking about getting a pair of quality Theo sunglasses for men? Eye Elegance offers a wide range of designer sunglasses and eyewear. Check out our selection of sunglasses online or come to our store for even more options.

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