The Hottest Sunglasses Trends for 2022

sunglasses trends

It’s a well-known fact: sunglasses bring an unparalleled “cool factor” that pales by comparison to any other accessory ever created. Since ancient times, sunglasses have been the ultimate unassuming status symbol.

No doubt that the right pair of sunglasses can still take just about anyone from zero to style-studded hero in no time flat. In the United States,  more sunglasses are sold than in any other place in the world. In 2021, the US sunglasses market was projected to reach more than 4 billion dollars in revenue, according to News Channel Nebraska.

In the world of dark-shaded eyewear, every year brings new sunglasses trends that attract everyone from Hollywood’s A-listers to hit-rated tik tokers. Read on to find out what hot-listed sunglasses you’ll see in 2022!

The Coolest Sunglasses Trends You’ll See in 2022

Sunglasses are the one accessory that you just know will never go out of style. From beatnik writers to old school bands, sunglasses seem to go hand-in-hand with every generation’s definition of cool.

And, this generation is no different than those in the past.

In fact, the best sunglasses of 2022 take a trip back to yesteryear. Bringing back only the coolest styles we’ve ever seen, it’s hard to pick a first-class favorite. But, we’ve managed to narrow down the most popular sunglasses trends to a handful of picks that we’re sure you’ll love.

From white-hot to fit-to-be-square, this year’s favorite rims feature a line-up of A-list frames that would make James Dean proud. You’re bound to find some of the coolest frames, both from then and from now, featured among today’s favorites.

2022 is going to be a new year of cool.

Hold your glasses, friends.

We’re introducing the year’s hottest accessories right here.

1. White Sunglasses

This year, it’s not ZZ Top’s infamous cheap sunglasses that the crowds are after. No, they’re holding out for white and bright.

White sunglasses are reminiscent of Jackie-O and mod style that never goes away. Timeless and chic, white sunglasses are sure to inch up your cool factor ever-so-slightly…but still, they definitely add the extra layer of cool.

2. Clear Rims

The future of sunglasses is clear.

In 2022, clear-rimmed sunglasses is where its at. Clear replaces neutral shades to become the rising wear-anywhere frontrunner.

From the catwalk to the local pool, expect to see clearly-cool sunglasses take the front seat.

3. Tortoise Shell

The turtle wins the race once again in 2022. Tortoiseshell frames are everywhere…and luckily, they match everything. This makes those calico-colored favorites an easy win in the year ahead.

To shake up the old classic, you’ll find retro-shaped frames and modern styles. But you will continue to recognize the tortoise pattern that brings them both together in the world of fashion, at least.

Tortoiseshell frames are a great choice of sunglasses for women. And they offer guys a stylish, not-too-out-there option, as well.

4. Cat Eye Frames

In a nod to the past that never goes out of style, expect to see the world-famous cat-eye frames worn more, in the world of high fashion and even, locally. The style worn by the first-ever Barbie doll has become a fixture of fashion. And, judging from one of the most popular sunglasses styles in 2022, we don’t tend to forget it either.

Perhaps the original Barbie doll, in her retro white shades, tinted blue, and perfect cat-eye rims…is the ideal to live up to, once again, as we roll into 2022.

5. Colored Glasses

Oh, to see the world through rose-colored glasses…

Wait, what!

Now, you can. And, you can look cool doing it.

This year, color is making a comeback…in a big way. Expect to see frames colored in all of your favorite hues…blues, blacks, violet, and yes, even rose.

If you’re tired of seeing the world in black and white, 2022 invites you to try on some new shades, with a splash of vibrant color to boot.

6. Be Square

If “Revenge of the Nerds” taught us anything, it was that nerds don’t always finish last. And, this year, we’re honoring the nerd in all of us by making it hip to be square.

Throw on a pair of angular sunglasses and instantly transform yourself into a fashionable trendsetter of the here and now. Square glasses are also universally-flattering, no matter the shape of your face.

Square sunglasses for men are sure to be a big hit in the year ahead. But, ladies will still find plenty to frame their faces as well.

If you want to bring sexy back this year, be square.

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