The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

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Ever wonder how long it takes someone to form an opinion of you? Then wonder no more, because science has provided the answer: about seven seconds.

First impressions are the most important part of meeting someone new. That person will take in the way you behave, the words you say, and the clothes you wear to form an opinion. Something as small as wearing the wrong kinds of sunglasses could leave a poor impression on them.

What people may not realize is that the best sunglasses are different for everyone. Aviators may be a classic, but they won’t look as great if you have the wrong face shape.

So in this guide, we’re here to help. Keep reading for the best sunglasses design for your particular face shape.

Determine Your Face Shape

Before you buy any sunglasses, determine what sort of face shape you have. Face shapes come into the following general categories:

  • Round: your face isn’t quite so angular or curved, and fits nicely into a circle
  • Square: you have a strong, square jaw and a broad forehead
  • Oval: an even face shape with a balance of all features that fit into an ovular profile
  • Rectangular/oblong: narrow faces with minimal angles
  • Diamond: you have a narrow forehead and jaw, with wide cheekbones
  • Heart: your face is narrow at the jaw, but wide at the forehead

All face types are beautiful, so don’t make the assumption that you have a “bad” face type. That said, every face has its strengths and weaknesses. Sunglasses should emphasize the strengths but not draw attention to weak areas.

Look in the mirror and try to see which shape best describes your features. With that in mind, let’s now discuss how you can make sure your sunglasses fit your face type.

The Best Sunglasses for Round or Oval Faces

Round faces characterize themselves by being, well, round. As such, you want to avoid any sunglasses that add to that particular characteristic.

Angular, sharp lines will be your best bet. They’ll help to elongate your features, giving them a sharper, thinner look.

Give something like Robert Marc or Archer a shot. These square-angled frames add that needed balance to rounded features.

The Best Sunglasses for Square Faces

With square faces, you want to avoid those jarring edges like above. The ladies can try butterfly glasses, such as Dore. Leopard patterns and bright colors help draw attention away from a square jaw.

Sunglasses for men with square faces should be round lenses. A pair of Aviators would be an excellent choice, too.

The Best Sunglasses for Rectangular/Oblong Faces

If your face is long, then you need glasses that give the appearance of width. Bold lines and vintage-style frames will go a long way. They’ll sharpen your features, contrasting with the softer edges of a rectangular face.

You’ll benefit from all those oversized glasses types. Shields and wraps as well as Wayfarer styles will work wonderfully.

The Best Sunglasses for Diamond Faces

Diamond faces can be a bit tricky. Those with a diamond face have the widest cheekbones. You don’t want to overshadow the cheekbones, but neither do you want to make them look bigger than they already are.

The best way to do this is with frames that are rimless and oval. They don’t overpower your cheekbones, instead complimenting them whether they’re high or wide.

Rimless sunglasses aren’t all that common except in transition lenses. Try something similar to the Nickol, which has the rounded shape you’re going for.

The Best Sunglasses for Heart Faces

Heart shape faces are sometimes considered to be the most beautiful. Others may dislike them since you tend to have a larger forehead and temples than most. In either case, you don’t want to emphasize the top half of the face too much.

The best way to solve this is with low-hanging sunglasses that fill your cheeks and sweep out in wide edges. Straight lines are to be avoided since they serve to elongate the face and focus attention upward.

Therefore, you want to strike a balanced look with a heart-shaped face. You can get away with cat eyes, butterflies, shields, and aviators.

Try something like the Vuarnet ICE for roundness that fills the area beneath your eyes.

Which Sunglasses Should You Choose?

For every face shape, you can find a wide array of sunglasses design that goes with it. The question then becomes, which one do you choose?

First, if you think it looks good, get it. You don’t need a second opinion if you look in the mirror and feel right wearing them. That includes if it’s a glasses type that doesn’t go with your face category.

Second, get a second opinion from others. This can be the optometrist who works at your clinic or a friend who’s tagging along. There’s a good chance they’ll see something that you don’t.

Third, factor in what level of tint is appropriate. Different levels may offer better sun protection, but you won’t get that cool semi-transparent look. This is a trade-off between whether you want lenses that are primarily functional, or fashion-oriented.

Last, don’t choose a shape that sacrifices your comfort. Comfort is paramount for glasses, period. You do not want to constantly adjust them because they hurt your nose or ears.

However, fashion is pain, as they say. You may not wear sunglasses for extended periods, and then only for style reasons. In that case, glasses that are slightly uncomfortable may be worth it anyway.

Find Sunglasses at Eye Elegance

In your search for the best sunglasses, your face shape is the primary factor to consider. You want to emphasize your face’s advantages while de-emphasizing anything it lacks. This ensures you look great the next time you pull some shades on for a day at the beach.

Most local optometrists don’t have a worthy sunglasses collection, but that’s not the case at Eye Elegance. We sport some of the best brands in the industry for men and women. Check out our shop and find the right style for you.

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