Sunglasses For Women: 2021 Women’s Sunglasses Trends

Here comes the sun! Summer is finally here and now that the sun is out in full force it’s time for white beaches, blue skies, and sunglasses.

Sunglasses for women aren’t just an important part of completing any look to beat the heat while enjoying a time meant for outside fun and ice cream cones, they are also important for your health. Sunglasses protect your eyes against harm so that you can enjoy your summer without worrying about damaging your eyes.

But protecting your health doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion! After all, wearing what makes you happy is proven to make you feel more confident.

If you need some guidance on how to find the perfect pair of designer sunglasses for a successful summer keep reading for a list that will help you beat the heat and look good while doing it.

Look to the Classics

To start, let’s return to a favorite that has been a staple of summer since it first arrived on the custom sunglasses scene.

Tortoise sunglasses have been on our minds and complementing our faces for many sunny days. Its beautifully made design of a simple tan base with black and brown spotting has been the foundation for many sunglasses trends after it.

If you want a more chic and elegant piece to complete your summer day, the tortoise sunglass style is a perfect choice. This trend will keep things sophisticated and make a statement that pulls your entire outfit together.

The classic tortoise sunglasses look can be found in the collections of Tom Davies, Robert Marc, and JF Rey. Make sure to grab a pair of this style for an elegant start to your summer!

Reinvent Vintage

They say that no fashion trend ever really dies. Instead, it comes back one day in full force for a whole new generation to enjoy. That idea carries into sunglasses.

Right now, retro is all the rage. The wild-child style of the 50s brings wide frames with a cat-eye flare for a bold statement at the beach that accentuates your style. John Lennon’s aesthetic is also coming back in full force with round, rose-tinted glasses for the flower-child look.

These styles are fun and the latest in sunglasses trends. Designer sunglasses brands have been giving the retro concepts new life so that you can wear an oldies look with a breath of fresh air.

These golden oldies have been reinvented by Lindberg. Get yourself a pair to wear while rolling down the beach and listening to some old-time rock and roll.

Lindberg Womens Sunglasses on blond woman

Fall in Love With a Bold Shape

Shapes define our lives. They are everywhere you look and because they make up so much of our world a lot of expectations are put on what certain things should be shaped like. But with sunglasses trends, rules are meant to be broken!

While sunglasses are mostly known to come in circular and oval styles, it’s time to mix things up in 2021 with the rectangular look. Rectangle sunglasses are bold and beautiful. They frame any face well and act as a way to show you are ready for anything life throws at you.

The rectangle sunglasses trend will make you feel and look good. This new sunglasses style is sure to be one that will be sticking with us for many summers to come.

You can add the rectangle sunglasses style to your collection by browsing through Tom Davies Bespoke. Grab a pair of the newest trend before it becomes a classic.

Small but Mighty

This entire time we’ve been talking about sunglasses as fashion. Our next designer sunglasses trend is the gold standard of what it means to use an everyday item as a way to elevate any look. Sunglasses with smaller frames pack a lot of attitude.

With thin shapes that focus on contrasting against each other or keeping a monotone color of the frames and the lenses, small sunglasses emphasize your facial features while giving your outfit an extra pop of excitement. These tiny sunglasses with a lot to say can be worn in many different ways.

Whether you want to wear them traditionally, let them hang loose on the bridge of your nose, or snag them on your shirt, these sunglasses will be an essential part of this summer’s best fashion.

Designer sunglasses brands that carry this trend include Oliver Peoples. Grab a pair of little sunglasses to make sure you have the biggest fashion on your day trip.

Loud and Proud

It’s time to throw out any fashion insecurity you’ve had into the summer wind. For our next sunglasses trend, we’re giving you a pair of sunglasses that will act as a statement all on its own.

Wearing big sunglasses that fill your face will help you bring fierceness to the way you conquer your beach day. This trend is the newest and freshest thing in sunglasses for the 2021 summer season.

It’s time to be daring and let yourself have fun with the way you look this summer. If you’re looking for a sunglasses trend that will make you the star of any occasion, this is the right choice for you.

Big, beautiful sunglasses can be found in the collections of DIFF eye ware, in Matsuda’s sunglasses inventory range.

There Are Plenty of Sunglasses for Women

There are as many sunglasses for women as there are women in the world. What sunglasses trends you want to invest in depends on your style and what makes you feel confident. Hopefully, this list will help you accomplish all of your designer sunglasses goals!

Want to find more sunglasses to fall in love with? Check out our sunglasses collection for everything from the latest and greatest trends to the classics that everyone needs in their closet.

If you’re interested in more tips and tricks about eye ware, look to our blog for more advice on custom sunglasses, custom glasses, and more!

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