Sunglasses for Men

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At least 63% of men use dating to improve themselves. And it’s easy to see why. How your date responds to you provides valuable feedback on whether there’s room for improvement in your social skills and style.

If you’re experimenting with your look to attract more women, don’t neglect the power of sunglasses for men. They lend an air of mystery to your appearance that’s a turn-on for many women.

But throwing on any old pair of sunglasses might not get the reaction you’re looking for. Here are the latest trends in sunglasses design that men have been especially delighted by.

1. Round Sunglasses

Round frames are a timeless way to introduce a more sophisticated look. They offer a bolder statement than other fits and help you stand out from the crowd. These sunglasses have a retro feel that is reminiscent of 1960s culture.

The round frame softens sharp features and gives your face a more balanced appearance. If you have a particularly chiseled jawline, sporting round glasses will make your face appear more approachable.

Oliver Peoples offers a wide range of round frames in classic and modern designs with single or double bridges. The Nickol, for example, is a timeless round frame with a thin double bridge. The style features gradient lenses that work seamlessly with a jeans and t-shirt combo, making them perfect for daily wear.

2. Heavy Browline

If you’re a man with an oblong face shape, this style can give you the illusion of a structured face. Heavy browline shades have thick upper frames that create a powerful line just below your eyebrows. This elongates your face and adds depth to its features.

Browline sunglasses draw attention to the brows, taking away from any roundness on the sides of your cheeks. If you’ve got thick eyebrows, this is a good way to highlight them.

But browline glasses do more than show off your well-groomed brows. If you want someone to look into your eyes, this is also the perfect style for that. It’s hard to look at browline frames without being drawn to the eyes as well.

3. Geometric Frames

Most sunglasses today are round or square, but they can be rectangular or hexagonal too! These sunglasses will give your look a dash of originality. If you’re the type who doesn’t want to blend in with everyone else, these glasses are just what you’re looking for.

Wearing them also makes you seem more confident because it takes courage to flaunt such unique eyewear.

Geometric sunglasses are a superb choice if you have a round face. They will make it appear more narrow by adding sharp lines that cut across your cheeks and chin. For a more angular appearance, consider sunglasses with thinner frames.

4. Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are a classic style that has graced the faces of celebrities and well-known figures for generations. Besides being a favorite of Simon Cowell and US President Joe Biden, these shades have also been spotted on superstars like Jay-Z and Bruno Mars.

These glasses cover the whole eye to provide maximum UV protection, and complement oval, heart, and square-faced people alike.

They have been around since the 1930s when they were worn by pilots and airmen during the war. The classic shape has stood the test of time and continues to be popular among high-profile people.

If you want to exude an air of importance, try the M3036 from Matsuda. Their retro style will look great with a bomber jacket, chinos, and sneakers.

5. Transparent Frames

Transparent frames are easy to wear with any outfit. They’re discreet and versatile, so they look great with casual and formal attire. If you’re new to sunglasses, go with a transparent frame until you learn how to coordinate colors.

Even if you’re a fashion expert, having a pair of clear sunglasses is still a good idea. You can always wear these when you don’t feel like thinking too hard about your outfit for the day,

These frames will never overwhelm your face, no matter how large they are. That’s why they look good on people with oblong, square, and round faces.

If you’re looking for more of an edgy look, consider wearing a pair of transparent sunglasses with gradient lenses. The gradient will make your eyes appear more intense and focused. They’re a great way to add some personality to your look without being too over the top.

6. Oversized Sunglasses

If you love to make a statement, oversized sunglasses are the perfect way to do it. You can also use them as a fun way of hiding your eyes after an especially late night.

Oversized sunglasses also come in handy when it comes time to shrink the size of your nose. By making this part of your face appear smaller, you’ll draw attention to other areas. This gives you the chance to impress people with your smile or sculpted jawline.

These sunglasses are sure to get you noticed in any room. Make them stand out even more by pairing them with a neutral white tee or gray sweatpants.

7. Double Bridge Sunglasses

The double bridge is the perfect choice for men whose faces are diamond-shaped, oblong, or triangular. The extra bridge widens the top of your face, making it appear more balanced.

Double bridges are also stronger than single bridges because they’re built with two supports. If durability means a lot to you, these are the sunglasses you’ve been searching for. They can withstand more pressure than others, so they’re great for active men who are prone to dropping their glasses.

Stay on Trend With Sunglasses for Men

While aviator and square frames are classic sunglasses for men, you can expand your collection to include designs for every outfit and occasion.

Taking your lady to the beach? Sport some oversized frames.

Pair transparent frames with your evening wear for a sleek and sophisticated look. Whatever your preference, finding stylish and affordable sunglasses is easy at Eye Elegance. Explore our collection to find the perfect pair for yourself.

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