Sexy and Trending Designer Sunglasses for Men 2022

designer sunglasses for men

Just like the latest fashion trends, technology, and social norms, designer sunglasses for men are always changing. Well, maybe not as drastically.

But, it’s impossible to deny how cool different sunglasses can make you look or how well they protect your eyes from UV damage. In fact, sunglasses for men are as popular and cool as they’ve ever been. And luckily for us, this is evidenced by the latest lineup of luxury designer shades featured in the 2022 trend report.

Whether you’re planning on attending a rooftop party during the summer or attending some bubbly New Year’s shindig, you should definitely check out this list of the sexiest sunglasses for men. They should help you stand out in a crowd.

Classic With a Twist

Cartier doesn’t just make cool watches and beautiful jewelry. They also make some of the best men’s sunglasses. Their sunglasses look new and modern while taking inspiration from some classic designs.

Take, for example, C De Cartier Sunglasses. This classy pair of men’s sunglasses combine several different classic style elements. The bridge across the top is reminiscent of the typical pair of aviators, but the square shape of the lens makes them more appropriate for rectangular faces.

The mixed metal and tortoiseshell accents place this pair of sunglasses firmly in the 2020s, where the old fashion rules get broken and new trends are made. The smooth palladium finish makes this pair of sunglasses look expensive without being flashy.

Vintage Cool

Do you like your classic sunglasses to look a little more like the original? Cartier has a great option for that, too.

Panthere De Cartier Sunglasses are the ultimate pair of classic aviators. But while they may look like a typical pair of sunglasses at first glance, there are beautiful details for the eye to find.

The smooth golden finish is impeccable and built to last. The gray gradient adds a definite cool guy look to this pair of sunglasses without sacrificing sun protection. The metal temples have the most delicate Cartier signature on them.

Of course, the most exciting feature of this pair of aviators is the small golden panther heads on the corners of the lenses. It’s a subtle but whimsical touch for anyone who appreciates good design.

Fun and Full of Sunshine

So far, we’ve focused on some dark and moody pairs of sunglasses. But summer is all about kicking back and enjoying yourself. So let’s take a look at a brighter, more fun, and free pair.

C De Cartier Sunglasses also come in a grey PVD finish which makes the double bridge a little more understated. The blue lenses reflect the summer sky and would look great worn on the beach or out for the day on a yacht. Coordinate with the ocean and sky, and live your best summer life in these luxury sunglasses.

Laidback and Chill

Vuarnet is always coming out with exciting and versatile sunglasses for every summer season. This year, we particularly love the sleek, laidback look of the Legend 02.

These iconic sunglasses were made famous by skier Jean Vuarnet, but today they’re worn by Romy Schneider and Mick Jagger. Can you think of two cooler or chiller guys?

These are the perfect sunglasses to take on your own summer adventures, whether you’re playing an open mic or hiking to the edges of the U.S.

Rock and Roll Vibes

Do you like a story attached to your designer sunglasses? You absolutely need the black Legend 03 sunglasses from Vuarnet then.

These sunglasses were made famous by Jeff Bridges AKA the Dude in the Big Lebowski. But they’ve been around much longer. This pair of sunglasses was released in the 1960s when they quickly became a popular choice among rockstars.

And it’s no mystery why. This pair of sunglasses scream badass with their gradient black frames and wide lenses.

Free Love and Fun in the Sun

Let’s bring back the summer of love this year with a super cool pair of vintage glasses. In fact, the Gregory Peck Sunglasses, from Oliver Peoples Sunglasses are named for the famous actor of the 60s.

It takes a very cool kind of guy to be able to pull off a round frame, but as they continue to dominate the fashion world, you’re the guy to do it. The slightly blue lens makes these excellent glasses for the summer, and the brown semi-matte finish is reminiscent of classic wood boats, country clubs, and hikes in the woods.

Undeniably Understated

Sometimes you just want a well-made pair of sunglasses that look classy but don’t call attention to themselves. After all, you should wear the glasses, not have the glasses wear you.

There is no better-understated pair of sunglasses than Oliver People’s Finley Esquire. The all-black look goes with any ensemble and is perfect for any occasion. They can look sharp and formal for an outdoor wedding, or you can dress them down to wear to the beach concert.

The amazing part is in the detail of the moss tortoise. At first glance, these are opaque black sunglasses, but when you see that bit of detail, it just blows you away. It’s a narrow fit, which means it goes best on someone with a smaller face.

You’ll Love These Designer Sunglasses for Men

Whether you want to be flashy and sharp, vintage and cool, or laid back and chill, there’s a perfect pair of sunglasses for you. Designer sunglasses for men always have the best design and the best durability so that you can love your favorite pair of sunglasses for years to come.

Ready to find your ideal sunglasses? Check out our full selection of designer sunglasses here.

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