Seeing Red & Pink for Valentine’s Day

We tend to have a rosy view of things in general here at Eye Elegance, but come Valentine’s Day we really start peering through rose-tinted lenses—and frames, of course.


From rosy-tinted sunglasses to bright-red, ultra-thin composite eyewire frames, our selection of eyewear from Lindberg include several pairs featuring Valentine’s Day hues. We love the modern, minimalist look of this Danish brand, but don’t be fooled—“minimalist” doesn’t mean plain. These specs make quite an impression.



What’s more romantic than jewelry? Perhaps a pair of Cartier Precious eyeglasses—precious metals and stones combine to elevate eyewear forever. Available in yellow, white, and pink gold, with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, Cartier frames will give you a whole new perspective on eyewear.

Etnia Barcelona

The fashion-forward limited edition Basquiat collection by Etnia Barcelona features frames that are bold in both color and style. A modified cat-eye in bright red? We say yes.


If the one you love loves eyewear, give them an OyoBox. A “jewelry box” for eyeglass lovers, the company mantra is “See-Choose-Wear” and they have designed their product accordingly, with a shatterproof window that shows off your collection, and handcrafted wood exterior—for men and women.

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