Protective Eyewear for Active Athletes

There are more than 40,000 sports-related eye injuries annually in the United States, and about 90 percent of those injuries are preventable. The best way to reduce your chance of eye injury is proper eye protection. For those of us who wear corrective lenses, that means investing in good quality prescription athletic eyewear. Whether you play a high-risk sport like racquetball or something “safer” like cross-country track, all athletes should wear the appropriate eye protection for their chosen sport.

Tips for Choosing the Proper Athletic Eyewear

When it’s time to purchase protective eyewear for sports, remember the following:

  • Proper fit ensures reliable protection;
  • Polycarbonate is used to create protective eyewear for athletes due to its enhanced strength;
  • Types of protective eyewear for athletes includes goggles, face masks/shields, sunglasses, underwater masks, and more;
  • Add coatings as needed for UV and glare protection;
  • Add flair and/or school spirit with a cool, colorful tint.


Athletes love Vuarnet, and you will find styles from this popular French brand of eyewear at our Post Oak location. The Vuarnet name shot to fame in 1960 when French skier Jean Vuarnet wore optician and ski enthusiast Roger Pouilloux’s “Skilynx” lenses down the slopes during the Olympic Games. The two paired up to create Vuarnet, a high-performance brand of eyewear for athletes.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses for your active lifestyle we can fit your Vuarnet frames with the prescription lenses of your choice, in one of four base tints.

Vuarnet Glacier Sunglasses Side View


Another great brand to consider for your athletic eyewear needs is Adidas. Adidas sport eyewear frames and lenses are designed with the following aspects in mind:

  • Frame Technology: The focus for Adidas frame technology is on vision, fit, protection, and durability. Wearing Adidas sport eyewear means having confidence in your sporting equipment, and nothing (improper fit, glare, dirt) to distract you from your performance.
  • Lens Technology: In addition to polarization and prescription accuracy, Adidas sport eyewear lenses boast light stabilizing technology (LST), VARIO tuned lenses, and a combination of both. LST is a contrast enhancing, light-harmonizing lens while VARIO tuned lenses have a tint that adapts to different light conditions; combine both for the ultimate clarity and convenience of wear.

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