Oliver Peoples Spring 2020 Collection Inspiration

The latest collection from Oliver Peoples draws on decades of eyewear inspiration and features “structural sunglasses and opticals that embrace the history of fashion and architecture.”

About Oliver Peoples

The very first, retro-inspired Oliver Peoples collection launched in 1987. Since then, this fashion-forward line has been turning heads with their unique aesthetic of designer eyewear rendered in the very finest materials.

Each pair of iconic Oliver Peoples eyewear is created in their West Hollywood design studio, and the production process involves limited quantities, where each individual frame is handcrafted referencing the original design drawings to ensure integrity.

Oliver Peoples Benedict Sunglasses in Gold

Oliver Peoples Spring 2020 Collection

Visit the Eye Elegance Montrose boutique to shop our latest styles from the Oliver Peoples Spring 2020 collection. The collection takes inspiration from “architectural wonders around the world”—from Brussels to Los Angeles—of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Oliver Peoples Spring 2020 collection features styles rendered in titanium and acetate and each represents “a partnership of form and function.”

  • Leidy: Inspired by the windows of the Fosbury & Sons building in Brussels, the Leidy frames use a reverse beveled acetate to pay tribute to the architecture.
  • Nella: Like the Leidy, these frames come in seasonal acetate colors and offer new lens color options.
  • Brisdon: Inspired by bold acetate styles of the 1960s, the Brisdon frame features rounded edges and wrap-around fronts that modernize the ‘60s vibe.
  • Siddie: Along with the Brisdon, the Siddie frames come in new custom acetate colors and reflect an updated 1960’s vibe.
  • Casson: These sunglasses are made in Japan from premium titanium, featuring a design inspired by the architecture of ‘80s fashion.
  • Carles: Like the Casson, the Carles frames are made in Japan from premium titanium; minimalists will love these frames.

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