October is Home Eye Safety Month

Even safe and sound in our own homes, we are at risk for eye injury. Everyday activities like cooking, yard work, and lawn repair can often result in eye injuries. In fact, each year almost half of the annual 2.5 million eye injuries that occur, happen in the home. The most routine activities can result in eye injuries, so during Home Eye Safety Month, we want to revisit some basic eye safety tips for you and your family.

Lawn care requires eye safety

Safety Tips for Eye Safety

Most eye injuries occur in the yard or garden; one in four happen during home repair. Keep your eyes safe indoors and outdoors with proper precautions and protection.

  1. Wear Safety Goggles: Corrective lenses will not protect against injury. If you are performing an activity with flying dust, particles, debris, or that uses chemicals, wear proper eye protection.
  2. Chemical Safety: Use chemicals in well-ventilated areas, and do not mix chemicals and cleaning agents; read and follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Kitchen Tips: Use cooking shields to prevent hot oil from splashing onto you, or into your eyes.
  4. Yard Safety: Walk your yard and inspect for debris before beginning lawn work; wear proper eye protection during yard work.
  5. Proper Lighting: Prevent injury by providing proper lighting on stairs and walkways, as well as good handrails; make sure rugs in these areas are secure to prevent tripping.

Eye Injury: What to Do

Not all eye injuries are preventable. If you sustain an eye injury:

  • AVOID touching or rubbing the eye
  • DO NOT apply medication
  • DO NOT attempt to remove debris or foreign objects

If eye injury is caused by a chemical, flush the eye thoroughly with water. For all eye injuries, seek medical attention immediately.

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