New at Eye Elegance: EyeBobs Reading Glasses

We are so pleased to announce that Eye Elegance has added a new, fabulous line of reading glasses from our friends at EyeBobs. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to spend a fortune on a set of readers but require something more stylish and eye-catching than the discount readers at the checkout counter, EyeBobs are for you.

About EyeBobs

When company founder Julie Allinson was in search of her first pair of reading glasses, a serious case of sticker shock had her questioning why there weren’t more affordable and stylish options on the market. Allinson left her job as President of a children’s clothing company and started EyeBobs in 2001, in order to create eyewear “for the people who dare to be unapologetically themselves.”

Reading in Style

EyeBobs’ select of frames come in a wide variety of styles, at a very reasonable price point—they start at under $100. Whether you’re looking for something quietly conservative or fully funky, you’ll find a pair of EyeBobs frames that are right for you.

EyeBobs Everywhere

EyeBobs is committed to giving back through philanthropic partnerships and programs, including:

  • 2016: EyeBobs creates “Take a Stand” frames with EyeBobs fan and SU2C co-founder Katie Couric; a portion of the proceeds are being donated to Stand Up 2 Cancer
  • 2012: EyeBobs collaborates with THE Iris Apfel to create “Clearly Iris” frames, and a portion of the proceeds benefitted Lighthouse International; in 2013 Apfel created an entire collection of “eyebobs by Iris Apfel”
  • 2011: EyeBobs’ first collaboration with Katie Couric; “Katie’s Close Up” frames sales benefitted Scholarship America

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