New Arrival—Tpox by Entourage of 7!

The people at Entourage of 7 are showing off their design and material innovation once again with the Tpox series of frames, and they are available now at Eye Elegance!  Tpox is a play on the fact that the frames are all titanium with an epoxy inset field on the frame front.  The coloring and finishing process is a multi-step endeavor, resulting in multi-colored frames.   On one group the entire frame is finished twice, first in one color, for instance gold, and then completely finished in a second color, say, brown.  Then the decorative field is laser-etched in a grooved pattern to expose the color underneath.  Finally the entire section is filled in clear epoxy, resulting in a smooth feel with visible color contrast and texture.
On another group the frame is finished in one solid color, say green, laser-etched in a grooved pattern and filled with a colored epoxy.  The result is the green frame above—you can see that the blue epoxy has filled the decorative field, allowing the green ridges in the pattern to show through.  The result is everything we have come to expect from Entourage of 7—simultaneously clean, modern, beautiful and innovative!  Come in soon to see the entire Entourage of 7 collection!
Blast from the Past!
This issue’s featured classic frame is the 56-4174 from John-Paul Gaultier.  This piece from 20 years ago features built-in side shields and exposed springs in shiny palladium for a look that has never gone out-of style.  A little steam-punk and a little classic, this should be a part of any serious eyewear junkie’s collection!

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