New Arrival—Tom Davies Limited Editions!

In April we announced the arrival of a new frame collection—Tom Davies Bespoke eyewear.  The response to the collection has been so great that we have added a new division of Tom Davies, his Limited Edition Collection.  These are frames designed by Tom to be produced in a small run limited to 50 to 100 of each frame.  He uses colors and materials that are unique to the Limited Edition collection and his full range of materials including cotton acetate, single- and double-block titanium.  Each frame is made by hand in his own workshop using traditional techniques.  Each frame takes 16 hours or more of craftsmanship!


What’s more, the Limited Edition frames can be custom-tailored to fit you (Bespoke customization), and made in any of the colors and textures available in the collection for no additional cost!  Advanced customization (Couture customization), including changing hinges, thickness of material and other specific details can be done for a small additional fee.  All Bespoke or Couture customized frames come with your name engraved inside the temple.

We have received a few of the Limited Edition frames this week, and more are on the way!  Come in to Eye Elegance today and let us show you the world of possibilities available to you with the Tom Davies collection!
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