Must-See Styles from Tom Davies at Eye Elegance at Post Oak

You’re invited to see the very latest in Tom Davies eyewear, in-store now at our Eye Elegance Post Oak or Montrose boutiques. Stop in and shop our latest selection of eyewear by staff-favorite luxury brand Tom Davies to see what longtime Eye Elegance clients already know about this beloved brand—bespoke eyewear created for each, unique wearer.

About Tom Davies

Launched in London in 2002, Tom Davies eyewear brings made-to-measure principals of couture design to eyewear. Davies had an epiphany when he realized that “standardized” frames don’t make a lot of sense when the faces that wear them aren’t standardized—everyone is unique.

When you visit Eye Elegance and shop for Tom Davies eyewear, you’ll receive a personal consultation with a trained associate to determine your personal preferences and tastes. Based on those preferences, several frames will be chosen for you to try on. Once you’ve found your perfect pair, we will take precise measurements and a series of photos to submit to the TD design studio. Your bespoke Tom Davies eyewear requires up to 18 hours of craftsmanship and will arrive with your name discreetly carved into the temple arm.

Tom Davies Sienna 1542 Tortoise Crystal Turquoise

Fresh Styles & Colors

Shop for new Tom Davies frames in new styles and colors now at Eye Elegance Post Oak or Eye Elegance Montrose. New styles and colors include:

  • 449/1074 in Baby Blue/Rose Gold
  • 515/1554 in Black/Purple
  • 515/1552 in Smoke Deep Blue
  • 517/1561 in Matte Demi Brown
  • Horn 026351889102635 in Buffalo Horn
  • LE52317 in Silver 925
  • LE68050 in Buffalo Horn
  • Sienna 1542 in Tortoise Shell/Crystal Turquoise
  • TDH 015/25 in Buffalo Horn
  • Trixie 1538 in SM Brown/Crystal
  • 449/1073 in Baby Blue/Rose Gold
  • 493/1478 in Brick Red/Pink Smoke
  • 515/1551 in Matte Blue/Red/Matte Silver
  • 515/1552 in Smoke Deep Blue
  • 5171559 in MBK/Purple
  • 517/1562 in Matte Tokyo Tortoise Shell/Gold
  • 99583 Bespoke Blurple/Matte Purple
  • Archer 1535 in Smoked Black
  • Horn 76259 in Dark White Cream/Silver .925
  • Sienna 1541 in Tort/Crystal Red
  • TDH 041/1058 in Buffalo Horn
  • Trixie 1539 in Demi Brown/Blue
  • Yak 1159 in Yak Horn

Second Look

In addition to Tom Davies, we have brand-new styles from other top luxury brands at one or both Eye Elegance locations now, including:

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