Meet the Team: Jeremy McKinney, Optician

When you shop at Eye Elegance, you’re not just getting the best selection of high-quality eyewear in Houston—you’re also working with a team of professionals dedicated to giving you the best quality service. Today you’ll learn about one of the newest members of our team, Eye Elegance optician Jeremy McKinney.

Jeremy McKinney of Eye Elegance

Background: I have lived in Austin, TX, Scott, LA, and Washington, D.C., but Houston is home. My optical career started in 2002, and I joined the Eye Elegance family as an optician in May 2017. I was certified by the American Board of Opticianry in 2007, and I have hundreds of hours of continuing education. I started my career after college as an Electrical Designer for an offshore engineering firm. After Hurricane Katrina decided she would knock down the rig I was working on, I found myself looking for a new career. I found eyewear—my perfect blend of fashion and function. It allows me to express my creative side and utilize my charming personality and interpersonal skills!


Extracurricular: I enjoy everything that allows me to be creative and adventurous. I enjoy taking my Jeep Wrangler to the beach, working on my project car (a 2002 Mercury Cougar), traveling to Puerto Rico to 4-wheel El Yunque, and traveling to New Orleans to explore food, music, and visit art museums.


How Jeremy Sees Things: Although I’ve had Lasik corrective surgery, I still find I need glasses to prevent headaches, eye strain, and fatigue from daily use of computers and cell phones. My current inventory includes the Lindberg Strip 9816 in a cool Blue color and the Lindberg Air Collection Raymond frame in Red with Transitions Grey Lenses.


I have a vast collection of sunglasses. I wear them all—metal, plastic, and all with polarized lenses. Currently, I’ve got my eye on some new Theo sunnies. Anything fun, colorful, and makes a statement. My sunglass selection in the morning is a very serious part of my day. It helps me decide how I will see the world, and how the world will see me.


Favorite Recommendation: My favorite brand in eyewear is Lindberg. Lindberg has awesome quality and versatility. As a professional optician, Lindberg allows me to tailor-make eyewear specifically for the individual, which truly makes the eyewear special for the client. My greatest reward is to see the client walk away happy with eyewear I helped co-create. As far as trends go—I don’t follow. I find what works specifically well for me and I go with it!


Squad Goals: My favorite thing about working at Eye Elegance is the attention to detail. We spend a lot of time and energy obsessing over what most may think of as small details, but which truly make a huge difference for our clients. This obsession creates the pride we have in crafting and delivering amazing eyewear to our clients, and that’s exactly what I want to contribute to and be a part of.


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