Maintaining Your Eyeglasses

phoca_thumb_l_entourage of 7 newKeeping up with your eyeglass’s health might be considered a daunting task to some, but in reality it’s a very important part of owning eyeglasses. Carelessness is the number one reason why frames break and why lenses can be damaged. Here are a few tips to ensure the protection of your eyewear’s frame and lenses.

Lens Cleaning 

Prepared lens solution is one of the best ways to keep your lenses spotless and smear free. Also, eye care professionals say using your fingers, warm water and soap, and by gently rubbing your lenses, then rinsing will clear any smudge or mark on them.  Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned and rinsed your lenses, pat them dry with a clean, soft cloth.  A soft cloth shouldn’t be a rag, tissue paper or paper towel.  Paper is made of wood products, which could be abrasive.  An ultra-fine microfiber cleaning cloth that can catch dirt while being used is preferred.  You can find one of these microfiber cleaning cloths at Eye Elegance.

Your Eyeglasses and Their Environment

 Be careful where you leave your glasses. Extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures can compromise the wellbeing of the frames.  Prolonged exposure to serious temperatures can damage not only your frames but possibly the lenses and their coatings as well. By wearing your glasses or storing them in a hard case, you can minimize any harm that comes from severe temperatures.

Use an Eyeglass Case

 Leaving your eyeglasses in your backpack, purse or jacket pocket is a good way to bend or break your frames and even scratch your lenses. Having a protective case for your eyeglasses is a simple solution that’s been around forever; it’s up to you to create a good habit and put them in there. If they’re not on your face, keep them in the case.

All of these are ways to maintain your eyeglasses so that they can last for years to come. Take time out of your day to make sure your eyeglasses are in proper condition for today and the future.

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