How You Can Find Your Perfect Sunglass Style

Grab ahold of those glasses! More than 80% of Americans wear sunglasses during the summer. They can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and let you see in all environments.

Yet you can buy hundreds, if not thousands, of different pairs of sunglasses. Before you go to the store, you need to narrow your options down. One way is to select the perfect sunglass style.

What types of sunglasses are there? How can you match sunglasses to different outfits? What shape of sunglasses should you select?

Answer these questions and you can find your perfect pair of sunglasses in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Types of Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can look like many different things. Aviator sunglasses have large teardrop lenses, blocking the sun’s rays from all angles. If you want a pair of prominent sunglasses that protect your eyes, you should wear aviators.

Oversized glasses are also very prominent. You can find sunglasses with thick frames, which support the lenses better. You can buy oval, square, or rectangular sunglasses.

If you like sunglasses that are less prominent, you can buy wayfarers. They have a broad upper rim, which makes the lenses smaller while fitting them closely to your eyes.

If you’re looking for women’s sunglasses, you should buy cat-eye sunglasses. These glasses have upswept angles akin to a cat’s eyes, and they have a retro aesthetic reminiscent of Old Hollywood.

Sports sunglasses are intended to be worn during sports games. They can wrap around your face, protecting your eyes and eye sockets from solar rays. They are very lightweight, making them a good choice if you want to wear sunglasses while working.

Lens Types

The types of lenses on your glasses can affect your style significantly. There are two major factors that affect lens types.

Filters and Treatments

You can buy glasses with several different filters. The most common filter offers UV protection, which can insulate your eyes from solar rays.

A polarized filter will block glare from the sun and enhance your color vision. It’s very important to wear glasses with polarized filters when you are in outdoor activities so you can see properly.

If you want to hide your eyes, you can wear mirrored sunglasses. Glasses with a gradient have a tint from the top down. A gradient can conceal your eyes while letting you see out of the bottom of your glasses.


When people think of sunglass colors, they often think of black. Black lenses absorb light, making it easy for you to see. However, black glasses can be a little imposing and hard to match with casual outfits.

Gray lenses reduce glare, and you can match them to a number of outfits. Brown lenses from brands like Matsuda let you see contrasting colors better. You can wear them with informal or formal outfits, and you can use them while you are playing sports.

If you want to make a bold fashion statement, you can wear green lenses. These lenses transmit colors and light patterns evenly.

You can also buy yellow, pink, and red glasses. It can be hard to wear these glasses with different outfits, but you will draw attention to yourself.

Face Shapes

Your face shape is the most underrated part of choosing sunglasses. You need to match the shape of your glasses to your face shape. Follow a few steps to identify your face shape and find the right sunglasses.

Stand in front of your bathroom mirror and trace the outline of your face with a piece of soap or some cream. Once you have the general outline, you should trace your cheekbones and jaw bones. Then take a look at a catalog of face shapes and figure out which one you match with.

If you have an oval face with symmetrical features, you can wear any type of sunglasses. If you have a round face, you should try to find angular lenses that stretch horizontally. Rectangular glasses and wayfarers can work well.

If you have a square face or a heart-shaped face with a prominent jawline, you should find curved sunglasses that balance your face. Circular glasses and aviators can help.

If the length of your face is longer than the width, you should add width to your face. Look at square sunglasses and oversized sunglasses that stretch outward. Lindberg sunglasses are a good choice, as they have prominent and stylish lenses.

Fitting Your Sunglasses to Your Face

Once you’ve got the right sunglasses for your type of face, you need to fit your sunglasses to your actual face. Measure your face using a tape measure in millimeters. Try a few pairs of sunglasses on and see how they feel against your skin.

Your bridge width determines how your glasses will fit on the top of your nose. The wider your nose is, the longer the bridge width should be.

Your lens width is the distance between the outer and inner edges of a lens. The width should cover your eye and block out the light.

The temple length measures the length of the arms on your glasses. You want a length long enough that the arms rest comfortably against the sides of your face.

How to Find the Best Sunglass Style

You can find the right sunglass style by considering a few factors. There are several types of popular sunglasses, and you should look at different examples to see which one you like. You may want to purchase special lenses.

Figure out what your face shape is and find glasses that complement your shape. Then measure your face and try out sunglasses with the appropriate measurements. Be patient and try out a few pairs until you find one you like.

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