How to Choose Glasses That Flatter Your Face

Are you in the market for a new pair of everyday glasses? Do you feel as if your current glasses are out of style and need to be switched out for a trendier pair? If so, then you need to learn more about the best glasses for your face shape.

Celebrities like Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy are the perfect example of how glasses can become as natural as your God-given face if they fit your face correctly. Eugene compliments his square face with round glasses, while Daniel often sports square glasses.

See below for a guide on how to find the best glasses for your face shape. This will be the only guide you need.

What Beginners Should Know

Before we dive into specific head shapes and glasses, let’s cover the basics. You should know that there are six different face shapes:

  1. Oval Face
  2. Square Face
  3. Triangle Face
  4. Heart-Shaped Face
  5. Round Face
  6. Slender Face

We will be covering each of these, as well as helping you find the best pair of glasses for them.

You might be wondering what determines the shape of your face? Typically, it’s a combination of your hairstyle, forehead, cheekbones, and chin. Your nose also plays a big factor in the glasses you should choose. Let’s get started!

Oval Face

Those that fit the oval face description typically have narrow chins, cheekbones that are a little higher set, and a narrow forehead (width-wise). For that reason, it’s always wise to choose glasses that compliment your face with a slender shape. Find glasses with:

  • A larger set of frames (think Daniel Levy)
  • A shape that fits in with your personality and sense of style
  • Colors as minimal or as bold as you’d like
  • Narrow width, so that the glasses don’t seem too large for your face

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Square Face

As the name would imply, those with a square face have sharper features that even out the sides of their head. They typically have a wider forehead, well-defined jawline, lower cheekbones, and a flat hairline. Generally, they have a moderately sized nose.

If this fits your description, then look for glasses with:

  • Glasses with a wider body (make sure its width extends past your cheekbones)
  • Thin frame outlines with a smaller frame size
  • Glasses with a rounder aesthetic (they can help add balance to your sharp features)
  • Round or Oval glasses
  • Color that matches your personality

Did you know that your haircut can also complement your face shape? Visit this link for the best haircuts for square-shaped faces.

Triangle Face

Don’t take this shape too literally. Triangle faces tend to have wider foreheads with lower cheekbones and a chin that brings the face down to a point. If that fits your description, then look for glasses with:

  • Both thicker and thinner features (consider ones with thick details on the tip and slimmer frame on the bottom (similar to Clubmaster-style sunglasses)
  • A width that barely exceeds the width of your cheekbones or jawline
  • Color that matches your personality (neutral colors with a hint of silver or gold)

To blend beautifully with your triangle face, you will want to find glasses that have both angled and rounded features.

Heart-Shaped Face

Similar to a triangle face, those with a heart-shaped face have higher cheekbones and a chin that brings the bottom of the face down to a point. The forehead, however, is a bit broader and can be exaggerated with those who have a pointy hairline.

If you have a heart-shaped face, you should consider getting glasses with:

  • Rounder aesthetic to complement the curvature in your face
  • Thicker framing that makes the color and style of your glasses pop
  • Modern shape with a trendier color to show off your style
  • Frames that have the same level of detailing throughout
  • Body frame that’s wider than your cheekbones

Round Face

Those with a round face appear to have heads in the shape of a perfect circle. They have full cheeks that hide their cheekbones, a rounded chin, and the length/width of their head seems perfectly balanced. Look for glasses with:

  • Angled features to provide balance to your rounded features
  • Bottoms that don’t exceed your cheekbones when you wear them
  • Frames that are a bit wider than your cheeks
  • Detailing that is the same width throughout

The main concern here is to find glasses that don’t seem too long for your face. This causes them to constantly slip and appear as if you’d tried someone else’s glasses on.

Slender Face

As you can imagine, those with a slender face have long features throughout. They have a long nose, narrow forehead, and very high cheekbones. The chin could either be brought to a point or rounded off. If this is you, look for glasses with:

  • Larger frame rims
  • Color and texture that is subtle, yet vibrant
  • Frame width that exceeds your high cheekbones
  • The same level of detail throughout the body of the glasses

Keep in mind that the glasses you pick always send secret messages to people, so this decision shouldn’t be overlooked!

Find the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth review on how to find the best glasses for your face shape, it’s time to begin your search!

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