How to Care For Your Custom-Made Sunglasses

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Approximately 2.4 million eye injuries occur every year in the United States. These can lead to temporary and permanent vision loss.

Did you know that custom-made sunglasses can help protect your eyes? However, part of protecting your vision is keeping your sunglasses in good condition.

In this article, we teach you everything you need to know about sunglasses maintenance. Continue reading to protect your eyes and keep your designer sunglasses in great shape.

Consider How You Wear Designer Eyeglasses

Since they spend a lot of time on your face, you need to consider how you wear your custom-made sunglasses or eyeglasses. If you want to practice good sunglasses care, be aware of the choices you make every day.

Pick Up Designer Sunglasses With Care

When putting on designer eyeglasses, many people grab them from the temples (the sides). While this seems like the safest option to avoid smudging your custom sunglass lenses, it can be problematic.

This method can lead to bending, which affects the way they sit on your face and can be uncomfortable. To practice good designer sunglasses care, try carefully grabbing them by the bridge of the nose instead.

Protect Them From the Weather

If you find yourself walking in adverse weather such as heavy wind, rain, or snow, consider removing your glasses. Harsh weather can lead to scratches on your custom sunglass lenses as well as other damage.

There’s also a higher risk of losing your designer sunglasses if they fall off your face during inclement weather. Try storing them in their case until you’re inside or the weather calms down.

Consider the Type of Custom-Made Sunglasses

From Oliver Peoples to Hapter, there are many different types of custom-made sunglasses that require different levels of care. Be sure to review any sunglasses care recommendations before purchasing.

Reviewing sunglasses maintenance recommendations before purchasing can help guide you to the right pair for your needs. This also helps ensure your glasses always look their best.

Sunglass Materials

Most sunglasses and eyeglasses are made of glass, plastic, and/or metal. Glass and plastics are sensitive to extreme weather, so be sure to limit exposure to harsh temperatures such as those in your car on a hot day.

Depending on the type used, metal frames can be more sensitive to rust and corrosion, especially if they’re older or of lower quality. Be sure to buy only the best designer sunglasses and avoid damp environments.

Polarized and Mirrored

Polarized and mirrored sunglasses care is similar to other types of sunglasses, but the lenses are the one exception. If you have designer sunglasses, the mirror portion of the lens is protected within the glass.

However, lower-cost options use an external coating instead, which scratches more easily. Take more care with these types to minimize damage and scratches.

Store Custom-Made Sunglasses Carefully

Another important step in sunglasses maintenance is learning how to store them. Whether they’re sunglasses for women or men, it’s tempting to leave them out on the desk or the dash of your car.

While this may make them more convenient to grab, they are at a greater risk of damage. Storing them properly means preventing accidental damage.

Use a Case

Whether you prefer Adidas or La Loop designer eyeglasses, all of our top brands come with a case. The case is the best place for your custom-made sunglasses when you’re not wearing them.

If you keep your glasses in a desk drawer, a purse, or otherwise tucked away, we recommend using a hard case. These are great for preventing your frames from getting squished.

Fold Them Closed

If you have to leave your designer glasses out on the table, be sure to set them down correctly. Fold them up so the temples are tucked in and resting beneath your custom sunglass lenses.

Folding them in this way makes them more compact and secure. The sides are less likely to bend, and the lenses are less likely to get scratched.

Clean Sunglasses Properly

If you clean sunglasses improperly, it can ruin your other efforts to care for them. Sunglasses cleaning requires the right products, chemicals, and frequency.

Use the Right Sunglass Care Products

Whether you’re cleaning eyebobs or Face A Face custom sunglasses, be sure to use the right sunglass care products to keep your designer lenses in the best condition.

This includes a high-quality cleaning cloth such as microfiber. These are absorbent enough to remove liquids and oils and soft enough to prevent any scratches.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using harsh chemicals on your designer glasses such as window cleaner or rubbing alcohol. These can leave streaks on your lenses. Instead, use a lens cleaner designed for eyeglasses.

Keep Up With Sunglasses Cleaning

If you want clean sunglasses, you need to make a habit of cleaning them. This isn’t just about cleaning your custom sunglass lenses, you also need to keep the frame clean.

Cleaning sunglasses for men and women can vary depending on factors such as makeup, sweat, and exposure to allergens. Consider your unique situation and developed a cleaning routine that works for your schedule.

Take Sunglass Maintenance Seriously

Investing in custom-made sunglasses comes with a higher responsibility for sunglass maintenance. Even high-quality designer eyeglasses such as Cartier need tune-ups from time to time.

Schedule Regular Appointments

When searching for eyeglasses near me, remember to factor in regular maintenance appointments. Get regular adjustments for your glasses in Houston with our professionals.

Getting regular adjustments minimizes damage and keeps your frames looking great when you wear them. It can also make them more comfortable.

Take Care of Your Custom-Made Sunglasses

Taking care of custom-made sunglasses involves how you wear them, how you clean them, and how you store them. Keeping up with sunglasses maintenance will have your custom sunglass lenses looking great.

Find one of our opticians to take care of your glasses in Houston.

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