Frame Your Face

Face FramesOur goal at Eye Elegance is to help you look your best when you pick one of our designer frames. Our highly trained opticians make sure they match the perfect frames to your face shape. Here is our guide to what looks best on you!


Square face shapes feature a broad forehead with strong horizontal jawline that proportional in width and length.  Oval glasses in dark or bold colors will look best. Avoid geometric and square shapes in light colors. You want to divert and add contrast to strong facial features.


Heart faces have a broad forehead, high angled cheekbones that extend down to a small chin. Oval and round shaped frames that are thin and light colored will balance a narrow chin. Top-heavy styles or decorative designs in a dark color will draw attention to your upper face.


Those who have oval faces can wear virtually any frame. Oval faces have a slightly curved jawline and high angled cheekbones. Our only suggestion is to avoid frames that are oversized, as they can be too large for your facial features.


Round faces have full cheeks, a wider forehead and a rounded chin.  Square or strong angular frames will look great and provide contrast. Rimless frames will also look great, as they tend to add length. We suggest veering away from small or short frames, as well as round frames.


With wide cheekbones, a narrow forehead and angular jaw line rounding it out complements well.  Oval and rimless frames with a strong brow line tend to look best. Your goal is to balance and enhance your facial features. Avoid narrow or thin frames

If you are still unsure about what frames fit your face, one of our skilled opticians will be more than happy to assist you in selecting a frame that shows off your best features. Contact us today! 713-622-4411 or by email at [email protected]

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