Find the Latest Styles from Theo at Eye Elegance Montrose

Visit us at the Eye Elegance Montrose boutique to shop our newest selection of eyewear by one of our favorite, most distinctive luxury brands–Theo. You won’t want to miss the funky, face-forward styles from this iconic brand of luxury eyewear. Make an unforgettable first impression in a pair of Theo frames.

About Theo Luxury Eyewear

According to their website, Theo eyewear is “the most self-willed brand in the world.” This motto is the foundation of every Theo collection since the brand’s inception in 1989. Co-founders Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, opticians themselves, created the Theo brand as an homage to their clients, and in an effort to create something outside the mainstream eyewear offerings of the day. More than 20 years later, Theo eyewear is sold in 1400 stores in 50 countries. Often described as “unique,” and “avant-garde,” theo eyewear presents a modern aesthetic rendered through old-word craftsmanship and traditional techniques.

Fresh Styles & Colors

Shop frames in new styles and colors by Theo now at our Montrose boutique. Some of the new styles and colors include:

  • Atora in Purple Tortoise Shell
  • Barion in Capulet Olive or Bluesred
  • Brilliant in Hot Redshine or Dark Night Blue
  • Caron in Maroon/Red or Bluejean/Purple
  • Flanders in Burned Shadow Matte or Electric Blue
  • Magic Mountain in Maroon Red
  • Marquise In Lila Matte, British Racing Green, or BLK Matte
  • Mille in a variety of styles and colors
  • Obus in Fashion Red, Addo Grey, Fluo Pink, or Matte Gold
  • Ovy in Purple Lined Fuschia
  • Piece in White Silk
  • Shape in Grey/Safety Orange
  • Tag in Green/Bm/Tortoise Shell
  • Throwie in Black Checker
  • Umlaut 442 in White/Lime Green
  • Viazi in Havana/Bluesred or Marble Pepper White
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Second Look

You can also shop new styles from top luxury eyewear brand at one or both Eye Elegance locations, including:

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