Fall In Love With Theo

Autumn is in the air and fall fashion is on the streets. The leaves are falling and the bright summer colors have faded. Everyone’s gearing up for winter as temperatures decline and the holiday’s approach.  This year, we are rebelling! Theo is not going to take part in winter, and we have decided to join them! In effort to challenge the cold we are bringing color, BRIGHT, florescent, Theo color to the streets! We promise you, if you wear a colorful, original pair of glasses, it’s going to be a bright, friendly, happy winter (for everyone still participating in winter, of course).


On Saturday, December 13th Eye Elegance will be hosting a very colorful Theo trunk show to debut to you all the very latest colors and styles. The more the merrier, they say about their latest eyewear creations. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store….

The Mille Series:The Mille Series

The Eye-Witness: The New Grunge

Eye-Witness: The New Grunge

Potato Dishes:

Potato Dishes

Olive Glasses:

Olive Glasses

Theo takes design to a new level and color to the next level. The designs of Theo eyewear frames are highly creative and can give you an edgy, fun, and funky look. Save the date to join us Saturday, December 13th in the revolt against winter!  Contact us at 713-622-4411 or Stay tuned for more details on how to schedule your appointment for the show!


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