Eye Care 101

No matter how long you’ve been wearing glasses, it’s never too late for a refresher on how to properly care for your eyewear. When you spend several hundred (or more) dollars on a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses you want them to last; being mindful, developing good habits, and following a few simple rules will help you extend the life of your glasses.

DO clean your glasses regularly with soap & water

DO NOT wipe dry lenses with a cloth

Wiping dry lenses could cause surface debris or dust to scratch. Instead, use warm water and a small amount of dish detergent to clean lenses, then dry with a clean, soft cloth. Do not wipe lenses with paper tissues or napkins, as their fibers can produce a rough surface.

DO use a hard-sided case to store your glasses, and make sure it’s the right size

DO NOT put glasses away unprotected into purses, pockets, etc.

Get into the habit of putting your eyewear away in a hard-sided case of an appropriate size. Not only will you protect the lenses, you will always know where to find your glasses! Soft-sided cases don’t provide enough protection, particularly if you’re stashing your eyewear in a purse or bag.

DO lay glasses down with lenses facing up.

DO NOT keep your glasses where the lenses could get sprayed.

If you are going to leave your eyewear on a surface (rather than in a case) make sure you place them carefully with the lenses facing up. Do not store eyeglasses in a spot where they could get sprayed or spattered, so avoid leaving them on your bathroom sink, vanity, or dressing table.

DO take your glasses off with two hands.

DO NOT store your glasses in the car.

Keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses in great shape—literally! Use both hands to take glasses off and put them on to keep the frames properly aligned. Storing your eyewear in a hot car—especially in Houston in the summer!—is a recipe for warped frames and lenses.


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