End of Season Sale 2020

It’s time to shop the Eye Elegance End-of-Season sale! Stop into both Eye Elegance locations between now and Saturday, March 28, to shop some of our most popular brands*. Enjoy big savings on big-name luxury eyewear now at Eye Elegance.

For a limited time, we will offer 50% off select frames from brands like Oliver Peoples, Etnia Barcelona, J.F. Rey, and Matsuda, among others. We will also offer 15% off all in-stock frames from Blac, Bellinger, Entourage of 7, and Feb31st.

Eye Elegance End of Season Sale 2020

Save 50% on Luxury Eyewear at Eye Elegance

Our spring sale will include half-off styles from some of your favorite luxury brands including Oliver Peoples, Etnia Barcelona, J.F. Rey, and Matsuda. We will also feature 50% off styles from almost every other brand in-store, which means big savings are waiting for you at Eye Elegance.

  • Oliver Peoples: Iconic eyewear from West Hollywood, Oliver Peoples eyewear hits the balance between fashion-forward and timeless classic.
  • Etnia Barcelona: Old-world craftsmanship meets innovative design and materials in Etnia Barcelona eyewear; you will find unique shapes and bold color options in this vibrant, elegant line of frames.
  • J.F. Rey: Rendered in high-quality materials, J.F. Rey frames are modern and luxurious—plus they come in a variety of vibrant color palettes.
  • Matsuda: A staff-favorite, this Japanese brand of handcrafted, artisanal eyewear has been spotted on celebrities like Linda Hamilton (as Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day) and Brad Pitt.

Matsuda M1020 Grey Crystal Front

More Savings at Eye Elegance

Our end-of-season sale includes discounts on styles from other eyewear brands. You can save 15% off our entire stock of Blac, Bellinger, Entourage of 7, and FEB31ST eyewear when you visit Eye Elegance during our spring sale.

  • Blac: Handmade in Denmark, Blac frames are lightweight and strong thanks go carbon fiber reinforced with titanium.
  • Bellinger: The Bellinger brand focuses on innovation and personal style; Bellinger eyewear is for someone who wants to stand out and make a strong impression.
  • Entourage of 7: Acquired by Bellinger House in 2013, Entourage of 7 eyewear is inspired by (but doesn’t rest in) Los Angeles and the “rockers and rollers, lovers and sinners” of Venice Beach.
  • FEB31ST: This brand of wood frames is fashion-forward and sustainable—a unique combination in the luxury eyewear world.

*Please note there will be no sale pricing on frames from Lindberg or Cartier, or buffalo horn frames from any collection.

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