Embrace Your Funky Side with Theo Frames

Did you know the Eye Elegance End of Season Sale is going on right now? Did you know select Theo frames are part of the sale RIGHT NOW at our Montrose location?

And did you know Theo loves you? Yeah you.

Well you do now.

What’s so great about Theo frames anyway?

It’s true, Theo does love you. It’s their slogan and it guides everything that they do, from their business decisions to their innovative designs.

It was love for their clients that inspired opticians Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet to design a new collection of frames called Theo. The goal was to offer something other than the mainstream glasses that they were already selling in their stores at the time.

theo frames

Designs to Compliment Any Style

From their first collection to the most recent, Theo designs have been groundbreaking. The original collection addressed the avant-garde, but as the years went on the Theo brand took on many forms. Collaborating with designers such as Christoph Broich, Tim Van Steenbergen, and James Van Vossel had kept Theo designs fresh and funky.

Nowadays, the Theo frames collection features inspired designs with loads of color. You’ll find all types of styles from thick and bold frames, to far-out round frames, to sleek wire frames. Whatever you may be into, Theo frames are the perfect way to compliment your trendy look.

Are you ready to see yourself looking funky in the Theo frames collection? Stop by our boutique located in Montrose or call 713-622-441 to schedule an appointment with one of our expert optical stylists.theo frames