Designer Eyeglasses For Women: Creating a Fierce and Sexy Look

eyeglasses for women

What if you could take your look from frumpy to fabulous in one second?

Imagine if you had a pair of glasses that could do just that.

Until now, you may have associated eyeglasses for women with a frumpy, outdated, or boring look. But when you pick the right frame and color, you can create a fierce and sexy look in less than the time it takes to get out the door.

But how do you go about choosing glasses that will flatter your face and fit the rest of your wardrobe?

Don’t worry, because it’s not as complicated as it looks. By following a few simple steps, you can choose the perfect pair of glasses to give you a bold look and instant confidence.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Consider Your Face Shape

When it comes to eyeglasses, the fit is just as important as the style. That’s why it’s important to take your face shape into account before you make a purchase (or order custom sunglasses)

Of course, you don’t have to choose eyeglasses to fit your face shape—you should still feel free to pick what you like most.

But if you’re worried about whether your glasses will be flattering, then you’ll want to get glasses that suit your face shape.

If you have a round face, choose frames with angular lines or geometric shapes.

If your face shape is square, choose frames that are curved or round. You may also want to avoid frames with too many angles.

For heart-shaped faces, cat-eye, rectangular, and wayfarer styles will look great.

And for diamond-shaped faces, choose a square, geometric, or round glasses.

If you have an oval-shaped face, most styles will look good on you, so choose the shape you most gravitate towards.

Decide on a Shape and Style

Remember that a sexy look may mean bold glasses for one woman, while it could mean classic for another.

So when choosing a style, think about what you want your glasses or designer sunglasses to accomplish in your wardrobe.

Some of the most common styles of glasses include:

  • Cat-eye glasses
  • Round glasses
  • Square glasses
  • Oversized glasses
  • Wayfarer glasses
  • Aviator glasses

If you want eyeglasses that really stand out, choose ones with bright colors or unique details. For example, the Obus 306 glasses come in a gorgeous fluorescent pink that’s sure to turn heads and show your confidence.

And if you love the retro look, then you’ll love 60s style cat-eye glasses.

If you’re aiming for a more sophisticated look, choose eyeglasses with soft or rounded features. Round glasses in a soft beige color like the Piece 319 from Theo Eyewear can give you a soft look that’s still interesting and unique.

Oversized glasses can give you a classic yet bold look, while square glasses can give you a professional yet confident look for work.

Pick the Perfect Color

If you want eyeglass frames that really speak to your personality, you have to think about color.

Knowing which colors work best with skin tone, eye color, and hair color will help you choose a more flattering option. This will, in turn, help give you the confidence to pull off a bold look.

It’s also helpful to figure out your skin tone and see which colors flatter it the most.

If you want a simple option, then get clear eyeglasses, which are suitable for all skin types. These are also a great option to wear during the day.

Black eyeglasses work well with blue eyes and light skin tones. If you have dark skin or dark hair, black glasses may not create much contrast.

On the other hand, colorful frames like red look great with darker skin tones, complementing your skin tone with a beautiful pop of color.

If you have light skin or blond hair, then white frames like the Sofa White from NW 77th can give you a bold look without washing you out.

Complement the Look With Makeup

While you don’t need to wear makeup with your glasses, it will help you create that fierce and sexy look you’re going for.

First of all, make sure to use a good concealer to cover up under-eye circles. This is because glasses can draw attention to dark circles and puffy eyes.

You also want to use a good brow gel or pencil to make sure the glasses don’t make your brows disappear.

Strong black eyeliner is a great option for creating a fierce look and making your eyes stand out from behind your glasses. It’s also a quick look that you can do in less than 5 minutes.

Coordinate With Your Wardrobe

Finally, you want to make sure that the designer glasses you pick fit with the rest of your wardrobe.

This means that no matter what kinds of eyeglasses or sunglasses for women you choose, you want them to suit your personal style.

And the key to making your outfit bold (and not tacky) is to make sure there is enough balance to your outfit.

For example, if you have a colorful wardrobe, you may want to choose glasses that have a bold design but have a more neutral color.

You could also opt for tortoiseshell sunglasses with just a pop of color like the Sienna 1542 by Tom Davies Bespoke.

This will let you wear your glasses with most (if not all) of your outfits.

And if you wear a lot of neutrals, then a pair of colorful glasses will spice up your look without causing a wardrobe clash.

Turn Heads With Fierce Eyeglasses for Women

Designer eyeglasses for women are a great way to add some spice and excitement to your wardrobe.

Not only will you get people’s attention with your unique look, but you’ll feel more confident wearing glasses that flatter you and suit your style.

Ready to take your look from boring to bold? We have what you need at Eye Elegance.

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