Picking the Right Frames to Suit You!

Ever wonder why some frames you try on look great while others don’t? To help clients find their perfect frame, opticians look at all elements of a person’s look. The right glasses go way beyond matching an outfit. They should compliment your hair color, face-shape, along with your complexion and overall sense of style. Here are some general tips on where to start when looking for the right frame:

1. By Face Shape: The right shape frame for your face will create a balance of angles. As a very basic and general rule, you want the shape of your face for your frame. For instance, round face shapes look best in angular frames such as a rectangle and square. Rimless and semi rimless frames will also help add length to the face. Square face shapes have angular jaw lines and more structured features so oval and rounder shapes will complement their natural features. See the infographic for more about your face shape.


2. By completion: Generally, frames in colors similar to the undertone of your skin tend to be most flattering. For example, if you have light skin with a cool under tone you’ll have a pink or bluish hue to your skin. To bring out those tones, try blue and rose colored frames. Warmer undertones have more green and yellow undertones which is complemented well with browns and beige colored frames.


3. By Hair Color: Your frames should always complement your natural colors and features. Create a contrast of colors with your hair and frames. Blondes (cool or warm) want to avoid yellow and green frames, because it will either clash or result in a washed out look. Warm blondes should try warmer tones like browns and reds. Cooler blondes can pull off blacks and blues. Find your hair color on our infographic.


These general guidelines can be helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed with eyewear options. To relieve any stress or anxiety about picking the wrong frame Eye Elegance takes the guesswork out by working with you one-on-one until together we find your perfect pair.


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Images provided by Vision by Design Optometry

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