Celebs in Sunglasses

Fact: Everyone looks more glamorous in sunglasses.

Sure, they provide serious eye protection but sunglasses also just look cool! We were reminded of this just this last month, as we perused the daily Cannes Film Festival red carpet photos to see our favorite celebrities sporting serious sunglass style.

Some of our favorite celebrity sunglasses moments are actually “fictional.” For example, the characters in USA Network’s cult favorite Burn Notice lived in Miami, so Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) and his friends regularly show off an impressive wardrobe of sunglasses, including Westen/Donovan’s signature Oliver Peoples “Victory Gold” frames with mirrored lenses.

Cannes Red Carpet

Cannes Film Festival is our favorite red carpet of the year because so many celebrities walk it in sunglasses! With the bright sun of the French Riviera beating down, the Cannes red carpet gives us a glimpse of couture fashion and couture eyewear. Among the trends we saw on the 2017 Cannes Film Festival red carpet:

  • Retro styles evoking a very ‘70s feel
  • Aviators in both classic, and reimagined modern styles
  • Whimsical cat-eye shapes

Etnia Barcelona Soder Sunglasses
Etnia Barcelona

We regularly spot celebs in Etnia Barcelona sunnies, both on red carpets and when they are working their street style. From Brad Pitt to Heidi Klum to Beyonce and Cara Delevigne, Hollywood’s brightest stars are protecting their eyesight with Etnia Barcelona sunglasses.

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