Celebrating 35 Years of Robert Marc New York

One of our favorite brands has big news: Robert Marc eyewear is celebrating their 35th anniversary! When the first Robert Marc shop opened in New York City in 1981, they were one of the very first brands to emphasize the importance of fashion as well as form—eyeglasses an extension of one’s personal style. Marc’s handcrafted eyewear is fresh and modern take on classic shapes and styles, and the brand is well-known for its seasonal collections in the tradition of couture.

The Robert Marc Signature Hinge

Robert Marc eyewear features a unique signature hinge design which helped make them famous. It’s that trademark hinge–“inspired by historical design and construction”–that adds a touch of luxury to each pair of Robert Marc frames. It’s also a unifying element for all of Marc’s collections, and a true mark of distinction.

Current Couture: The Second Nature Collection

Robert Marc’s Second Nature Collection features eyewear for both men and women. As the name implies, the collection takes its inspiration from nature in both color and shapes.

No one utilizes frame shape to evoke atmosphere like Robert Marc. In the case of the Second Nature collection, the peace and tranquility of nature are echoed in the classic shapes, which are modernized with slightly exaggerated sizes, and combined with unusual colors like ‘river bank’, ‘blue mineral’, and ‘moss’.

Putting the “U” in Unique

Our goal is to provide our clients with unique, handcrafted eyewear solutions that reflect their personal individuality and style. If you’re in search of stylish, one-of-a-kind eyewear, visit one of our Eye Elegance locations today.

Robert Marc New York Collection

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