Buyer’s Blog: New Lindberg Precious

We at Eye Elegance have always been proud of our association with Lindberg Eyewear.  We consider it to be the finest titanium eyewear in the world, but did you know that we also offer the Lindberg Precious Collection?  This collection of eyewear is only offered to the finest eyewear boutiques in the world.  Lindberg Precious is manufactured from the highest quality precious metals, in combination with rare and luxurious materials such as buffalo horn, diamonds, and now the most unusual we’ve seen—mammoth tusk!
The two newest pieces we have received are shown here.  First is a beautiful 18 karat yellow gold piece with solid carved buffalo horn temples.  You can see the natural shading of the horn color—a blend of pale golden fading into a dark brown.  Horn is naturally lightweight and lustrous.  Being a natural material no two pieces are exactly alike!
Second is the most unique piece we have seen. Solid 18 karat white gold is highlighted by dark, lustrous brown horn inlaid with small pieces of mammoth tusk!  The effect is beautiful.  This is your opportunity to own—and wear—a piece of pre-history!  Mammoth tusks have long been collected from the extinct beasts buried deep in the permafrost of northern Europe and North America.  The ivory from this source is beautiful, and does not cause harm to modern, living species!
Please stop into the store to view our entire Lindberg Precious collection, and to enquire about pricing.
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