All About Transitions® Lenses

Also known as “photochromatic lenses,” Transitions brand lenses are able to detect and adjust to changes in light; when exposed to UV light, the lenses darken, and when you go back inside—or night falls—the lenses reverse course, becoming clear again.

Are Transitions right for you?

Transitions lenses can be fit with virtually any frame, style, size, or prescription, including kids’ frames and designer styles. Blocking 100 percent of UVA/UVB light, Transitions lenses offer many benefits, including:

  • Fast response times mean that your lenses will darken to 80% of their potential within thirty seconds of exposure to UV light, and return to clear in just a few minutes.  In sunny Houston, you know that is a feature that will come in handy.
  • Reduced light sensitivity as the lenses keep your eyes protected from UV light. Negative effects of UV light include eyestrain, and increased risk of cataracts; Transitions lenses maximize the reduction of UV light, and you never have to change your glasses.
  • Comfortable vision, indoors and out because the lenses adjust automatically. Not only do they change quickly, Transitions lenses regulate the amount of natural light whether you are indoors or out, which means optimal visual comfort at all times.

Types of Transitions lenses

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.56.20 PMThe Transitions signature lenses feature the fast fade speed and 100 percent UVA/UVB protection we mentioned above; they are great for kids, fit any prescription or frame, and offer the clearest indoor vision. The Vantage line of lenses also block 100 percent of those UVA/UVB rays, and are also the only lenses with variable polarization, allowing them to darken and polarize when exposed to bright outdoor light. That means reduced glare, and sharper, more vivid vision with better clarity and color. Transitions XTRActive lenses go a step further, going “extra-dark” outdoors to protect from the brightest sunlight and featuring a bit of a tint which protects against harsh indoor lights.

Are you tired of constantly switching from specs to sunglasses, and back again? Do you want a single solution pair of glasses that can take you from indoors to out, and day to night? Stop in and speak with one of our staff members about whether Transitions lenses are right for you. Stay connected with the Eye Elegance team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.