All about Horn!

The time has finally come!  Lindberg’s award-winning buffalo horn eyewear collection has begun to arrive, and it is beautiful!  Lindberg has created frame fronts made of laminated buffalo horn with titanium temples to create frames that are super-light and richly colored.  Because horn is a natural material, each piece is truly unique—a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  We have received two pieces so far, and expect more in the near future.
Also in buffalo horn is the limited edition “Club Premiere Edition” from Cartier.  Cartier Paris commissioned only 750 pieces of this frame for the worldwide market, with only 50 frames allocated for the United States.  The frame has a horn front and horn temples with a temple detail plaque that features a circular-grained metal—a detail that has never been used before in the eyewear collection.  This limited edition will not last long—call the store for pricing and availability.

Finally, a note on horn frames.  Horn from Asian and African water buffalo is one of the most highly sought-after materials for luxury eyewear.  It is lightweight (much lighter than plastics), polishes to a beautiful luster and is richly colored.  If treated properly it will develop a rich patina with age and will stay beautiful for decades.  Because it is a natural material, no two frames are exactly alike, creating a unique work of art for your face!  All of our horn frames come with a care kit and instructions on keeping your frame in good condition.
Also, be assured that no animals are slaughtered for their horns.  The horn is a byproduct of the cattle industry, from animals that are raised as a source of food and leather production.  Stop in soon to see one of these masterpieces!
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