A Closer Look: FEB31st

High-end, fashion-forward, and sustainable—those are the hallmarks of FEB31st, a luxury eyewear brand from Italy, who produces eyeglass frames from exquisite species of wood. FEB31st is the topic of today’s blog post. Available at our Post Oak location, FEB31st eyewear is worth a closer look.

About FEB31st

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.48.02 PM“The idea behind FEB31st is a simple one: respect for nature and human ingenuity combined to produce something that is wonderful to wear and use. The sole aim of a FEB31ST design is embody this idea in comfortable, attractive, and modern frames.”

That phrase, ‘respect for nature’, is at the core of the FEB31st philosophy. At FEB31st respect for resources means economic sustainability, solid ethics, and an awareness of—and care for—ones surroundings. Their aesthetic is eco-friendly in many ways, including a made-to-order process that eliminates inventory and doesn’t waste resources.


All FEB31st eyeglasses are made-to-order in Italy. Their use of wood is rooted in both the material’s history and sustainability; FEB31st eyewear come in a variety of beautiful colors—a main feature of the brand’s design aesthetic.

Color Story

Peruse the FEB31st color palette gallery to see all 34 available hues. The colors can be combined in any way you like, creating a custom look. FEB31st also allows you to color block the wood frame, in which different colored pieces of wood are used to create patterns—vertically, and horizontally—in the eyeglass frames.

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