A Closer Look: Bellinger

Fans of statement eyeglasses may already be familiar with today’s featured brand: Bellinger Eyewear. One of the newer arrivals at our Montrose location, Bellinger was founded in 2003 by designers Malene and Claus Diederichsen. Their goal: to design high-quality eyewear for people who aren’t afraid to stand out, which is reflected in their brand values—innovation, passion, joy, and personality.

About Bellinger Eyewear

acetateInnovation is infused into every aspect of Bellinger eyewear—from materials and design, to colors, and the small, unique details that finish each piece. Bellinger lives beside Blac—the original carbon fiber eyeglass frame—and Entourage of 7/Los Angeles, the other luxury eyewear lines that make up Bellinger House.

“Passionate and personal” is the Bellinger approach to eyewear design. Eye-catching design in interesting materials—acetate, metal, titanium, and combination frames—help you stand out.

Material + Design

It’s not just the materials they use, but how they use them that set Bellinger apart from the rest of the field. Put your best face forward in one of these interesting materials:

  • Acetate: Bellinger acetates are made of cotton, and up to five different acetates are mixed into one frame. The manual process requires great precision to deliver the smooth surface, color play, and unique pattern our clients expect.
  • Metal or Titanium: Strength and style are combined in Bellinger eyewear made of metal or titanium.
  • Combination: Get the best of both worlds with frames made of both acetate and metal or titanium; there are many colorful options among the different combinations.

Shop Bellinger at Eye Elegance Montrose

Want to learn more about Bellinger? Shop our selection at the Eye Elegance Montrose location. Don’t forget to stop in during our end-of-year promotion to enjoy savings on select Bellinger frames, among others.

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