7 Tips for Choosing the Right Glasses Brands

Glasses are an incredibly common and necessary tool. Currently, an estimated 64% of adults wear glasses of some kind.

Some people treat them as fashion accessories, while others are simply seeking the most functional eyewear they can find.

Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many different glasses brands to choose from, so it might be difficult to find your ideal pair. Read on to learn how to find your perfect glasses brand.

1. Consider Your Face Shape

The shape of your face plays an important role in determining the kind of glasses that are most suitable for you.

You’ll need to consider the width of the widest part of your face, the length of your face, and the angle of your jawline when choosing your ideal pair of glasses.

The best way to accentuate your face shape is to choose a glasses frame that contrasts it. For example, if your face has circular features, you should choose rectangular glasses. This helps your face appear more angular.

If your face is more of a square, you’ll want to choose glasses that are circular or oval-shaped.

You should also consider how large your face is and complement it. Slimmer faces look best in thinner frames, while larger faces need thicker frames.

If you’re unsure of what kind of glasses suit your face best, look for a brand with many options to try out.

2. Your Lifestyle Informs Your Glasses Choice

Would you consider yourself an active individual? If so, you’ll need to look for eyeglasses brands that specialize in more rugged construction. These glasses are generally more durable.

If you have a more relaxed lifestyle, you should consider designer glasses brands like Cartier. These glasses are made of premium materials and look more elegant than glasses designed for the more active individual.

3. Materials Are a Factor

Glasses frames can be made of a wide range of different materials, with plastics and metal being the most common.

Metals like stainless steel and titanium are the premium choice. They’ll last a long time but tend to be much more expensive than glasses made with plastic frames. Metal-framed glasses also typically come with bendable nose pieces, so you can tailor your pair of glasses to your face.

However, plastic frames also have many benefits. Acetate is a common material for glasses frames, and it offers similar durability to metal frames while costing less money.

The brand NW77th offers glasses made of steel and high-end acetate, and their glasses are prized for their durability.

4. Complement Your Skin Undertone

You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to the color of your glasses frames, so you’ll want to consider your skin undertone while browsing the offerings from the best glasses brands. Picking the right color frames can have an eye-catching difference.

If your face has a pink or blue tint, you have cool undertones. Black, silver, and gray are excellent choices for you. If you prefer a bit more color, consider frames with blue or purple hues.

Do you have yellow, gold, or peach-tinted skin? If so, you have warm undertones. You’ll look best in gold, browns, or oranges.

If your skin falls somewhere in the middle, you have neutral undertones. You can pull off white, jade, and medium blue-colored frames.

Most glasses brands offer a wide range of color options.

5. Do You Want to Be Trendy?

Like all things fashion-related, glasses trends come and go.

The 40s and 50s saw the rise of the cat-eye style, made popular by the likes of Marilyn Monroe. The browline style also developed a large following thanks to James Dean.

Later on, in the 70s and 80s, oversized glasses were all the rage. In the 90s, smaller glasses were in vogue.

Today’s glasses trends pull from the retro styling of the past. Cat-eye glasses are once again popular, and colorful oversized frames are a trendy choice.

If you’re looking for a stylish pair of glasses, consider designer glasses made by boutiques like L.A. Eyeworks. They offer circular lenses and large colorful frames perfect for a fashionable individual.

6. Your Prescription Plays a Role

Your lens prescription affects the kind of glasses you can choose.

If you have a weaker prescription, your lenses are thinner. These lenses also tend to be rather light. This means that you can opt for thin wire frames and still have the appropriate amount of support.

Those with stronger prescriptions have thicker lenses. If you need thick lenses, you’ll need to choose a larger, more robust frame. The brand Hapter offers several modern-looking thick-framed lenses for you.

7. Glasses Need to Be Comfortable

You’ll spend a lot of time wearing your glasses, so they need to be as comfortable as possible.

If you choose the wrong glasses for your face shape, they won’t sit right. You’ll need to adjust them constantly. Metal glasses with their malleable nose pieces are easier to bend and adjust, but acetate glasses need heat treatment to shape.

Features like bendable hinges can help make glasses more comfortable. With these hinges, your glasses won’t need to be adjusted as often.

If you’re seeking the most comfortable pair of glasses, consider Eyebobs. Every pair of their glasses comes with bendable hinges so they’re guaranteed to be comfortable.

Glasses from brands known for their lower profile might also be uncomfortable for some. These house smaller lenses that might create blind spots in your peripheral vision and lead to headaches.

Finding the Perfect Glasses Brands For You

Glasses are a highly personal item. You have a unique prescription and want to complement it with the ideal frames. With so many glasses brands to choose from, you can easily find a pair of glasses that’s as unique as you are.

Think about your face shape, your lenses, and your skin undertones when looking at different glasses brands. Above all, choose a pair of glasses you feel comfortable wearing.

Need a new pair of glasses? Eye Elegance puts all the top brands at your fingertips. We know you’ll find the perfect pair.

Check out your options today.

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