7 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Sunglass Collection

Did you know that the first sunglasses can be traced all the way back to China and Rome? It’s crazy to think that such a popular accessory dated all the way back to that point in time.

Nowadays, they serve as style protection and a chic fashion statement. Some people have so many shades that they can’t even keep track of all of them!

That’s where knowing how to organize sunglasses comes into play. There are several different ways to go about organizing that it can be difficult to know where to start.

But don’t worry, because we’ve compiled seven different ways you can organize your eyewear.

You’ll be covered on all bases. So, let’s dive into it!

1. Tabletop

The first tip to knowing how to organize sunglasses at home is picking the perfect organizer for you. One great option is a tabletop organizer.

The tabletop organizer is perfect for if you have a good space on your desk or vanity. They can also come in tons of different materials.

You can choose from plastic to glass to marble to wood – whatever suits your fancy! A tabletop organizer or shelves could be extremely helpful, especially if you don’t have a lot of sunglasses.

That way you don’t have to use up too much space on your table or vanity space. But don’t worry, there are a ton of options no matter what the size of your sunglasses collection is!

2. Hanging Out

If you’ve got a lot more sunglasses than the average person, a door hanging organizer could be your best bet. The fun thing about door hanging organizers is that they come in tons of different shapes and sizes.

If your collection is expansive, it may be helpful to buy a hanging shoe organizer and use the pockets for your glasses. This is also fun to get creative with and reuse items for.

You can set up a bunch of hangers and hang your sunglasses to hang them. If you really want to try something new, you can take some old chicken wire or bend old wire hangers to make a contraption for hanging sunglasses on your own.

Finally, you can also find some chic and quirky jewelry organizers and use them to set up your sunglasses as well. There are tons of fun fake trees that are meant for hanging necklaces that you can repurpose for your shades!

3. Box It

The next and final storage suggestion is using a box. This is a great option if you don’t use sunglasses all the time.

Boxes, like Oyobox, are awesome for sunglasses storage because they keep all the dirt and dust away from your shades. Even if you use sunglasses often, boxes can be great storage choices because they keep your eyewear safe.

These are also wonderful organizers that you can personalize. You can splurge on expensive boxes designed for jewelry and eyewear, or you can reuse something you already had laying around the house! OyoBox eyewear and jewelry organizers in black

4. Color Code

Now let’s get into how to organize your sunnies. There are tons of different options for this kind of organization, too!

One way you can organize your eyewear is by color. It’s fairly easy, and you can go in any order you want.

It can be aesthetically pleasing to group them in a rainbow kind of order, but if you have more neutral tones you can go from light to dark as well. Here is where you can put your own original spin on it because they’re your sunglasses and you can do whatever order fits you best.

5. Seasonal

Next, you can group your sunglasses in seasonal styles. This would also help if you’re relying on boxes for your mode of storage in organizing.

Once you know you’re done with your spring sunglasses, you can store them away and pull out your summer shades! This works for the wearer that knows what they want for each season.

So, if you’re super Type A, you can invest a day into regrouping your sunglasses for what fits each season best. Then when you switch out your wardrobes, you can also switch your sunglasses!

6. Styled

This one seems a little more complex, but organizing your sunglasses by style can be super helpful. It may seem tricky because there are so many different sunglasses styles and you may not know what fits where.

But if you look through glasses websites, you’ll see that there are styles that you can group your sunglasses into. From Cat-Eyes to funky shapes to colored lenses, there are several different categories for sunglasses.

This kind of strategy also is helpful when it comes to picking sunglasses to go with a specific type of outfit. Using the style as your first thought can really help you put on a whole new look.

7. Uses

Finally, you can organize your sunglasses by usage. There are a couple of different ways you can go about this kind of organization.

You can organize your glasses by how often you use them. If you’ve got that trusty pair you always can go to and the pair you almost never reach for, it can be helpful to put the most used in the spot that’s easiest to reach.

You can also organize sports glasses and fashion glasses, organizing the glasses into what their purposes are. This way you can pick the glasses based on what they would be used for the most.

Always Know How to Organize Sunglasses

And just like that, you’ve got seven simple tips to know how to organize sunglasses. You’ll never feel disheveled, at least in the sunglasses department, again!

So what are you waiting for? Get your sunglasses in order today.

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