6 Warning Signs You Need Reading Glasses (and How to Pick the Perfect Pair!)

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Reading is one of the best hobbies you can have! There’s nothing like kicking back by a crackling fireplace with a good book.

But the problem comes when you can no longer see the words on the page!

If your vision is growing blurrier and blurrier when you try to read, you may have developed presbyopia. That means that your eyes are gradually losing their ability to focus on objects up close.

If that sounds like you, it’s time to think about how to fix that problem. You deserve to have the tools you need to read with ease. And we have just the solution: reading glasses!

Reading isn’t just a good hobby. It’s also important for many different areas of your life, both personally and professionally. No matter what, you should be able to read well.

Now, you may be wondering, “do I need reading glasses?” And it can be hard to determine sometimes.

But don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here are 6 warning signs you need reading glasses, as well as some tips to help you pick the perfect pair!

1. You’re Squinting Often

When you can’t see clearly, squinting is a natural response. However, it’s also a harmful one. It’s okay to squint every once in a while to see a small detail – we all do it.

But if you do it too much, you can wear your eyes out. And if you’re squinting every time you read, that’s not good.

Squinting too often can end up making your vision worse. So, if you find yourself squinting often when you’re trying to read, it’s time to think about getting reading glasses so you don’t do any more damage.

2. You Get Frequent Headaches When Reading

Everyone knows that using your muscles too much can be painful. So, it’s no surprise that straining your eyes can lead to headaches.

The location of your headache can tell you a lot about what it’s caused by. If, after spending lots of time reading or on the computer, you start getting headaches between or behind your eyes, it’s possible that your pain is a result of straining your eyes.

You should be able to read without pain or suffering! If you’re getting constant headaches, you should get some glasses for reading.

3. You Can’t Read Without Bright Light

It’s obvious that we need light to be able to see when reading. But if you find that your bedside lamp isn’t enough, and you’re turning on every light in the room and increasing the wattage, you probably need reading glasses.

The need for bright light is one of the telltale signs of presbyopia. But don’t worry! A pair of eyebob reading glasses will help the problem.

Then, you can once again read your favorite book without running your electricity bill up the wall!

4. You Hold Books Differently

In general, our first instinct is to look closer when we’re trying to see something small, right?

But if you’ve developed a problem with your eyesight, you might end up needing to hold your book, tablet, or magazine farther away from your face. Maybe your arms don’t even seem long enough for you to properly position your book!

If you find yourself straining to see the words when your book is near to your face, and can only reduce the blurriness when the distance increases, then you may be in need of some Oliver Peoples reading glasses. Holding a book 14 inches or more away is a warning sign!

5. Your Eyes Are Easily Tired

Do you feel put to sleep when reading, even when it’s a fascinating story? Do your eyes feel strained and watery whenever you’re doing detailed work, especially on the computer?

Tired eyes are a big sign of a need for reading glasses. Because there’s a problem with your eyesight, your eyes are working harder to see. That’s why they get tired more easily.

When your eyes are working harder than they need to, it can affect your energy level, too. But you can pick it up again and give your eyes a break by getting a pair of Robert Marc reading glasses!

6. You See Halos Around Lights

And no, “halos” don’t refer to angels. People with presbyopia often see halos or glowing rings around sources of light, like lightbulbs or car headlights. This is a warning sign that your lens can’t properly focus light into your retina.

If you’re still wondering who needs reading glasses, and you’re seeing halos, then you have your answer! Reading glasses can help you to solve this problem, but it doesn’t stop there. This could also be an early sign of cataracts, so if you’re experiencing this symptom, make sure to mention it to your eye doctor.

How to Pick the Right Pair of Reading Glasses

Now, if this sounds like you so far, then it’s probably time for you to get a pair. But how to choose reading glasses? How do you decide on the right pair?

We can help! Here are some tips to help you choose.

Visit Your Eye Doctor

For the best reading glasses for you, your first step should be to visit your eye doctor. That way, you can get a prescription to help you find the right strength and the right lens type for your eyes. It will also help you determine whether custom or ready-made glasses are right for you.

Give Them a Test Run

If you’re going with ready-made drugstore glasses, you should bring a book or another piece of reading with you when you go to pick them out. That way, you can test them out and see if the glasses you want actually help your vision.

Pick the Right Frames for Your Face

Each face shape suits a different style. Think about what your face shape is and discover which type of frame is best for you!

For example, square faces work well with rounder, more curved frames – like this Waylaid pair – while round faces are the opposite, complementing frames with sharp angles like squares or rectangles. If you have a triangular face, choose a frame that is wider on top and thinner on the bottom for a better balance.

Get a Pair of Reading Glasses Today

You deserve to be able to read in comfort. If you’re suffering from any of the above symptoms, it’s time to think about getting a pair of reading glasses.

Visit one of our locations to check out our wide selection!

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