6 of 2023’s Top Women’s Sunglasses Trends


Houston gets around 206 sunny days per year. And we are about to enter the sunniest month of the year — July. July gets an average of 295 hours of sunshine or about 24 days of full sun.

The sun is crucial for our health. Sunlight helps us produce vitamin D, which has benefits for bone health, immune system function, and cognition. On the other hand, UV rays are damaging to skin and eye health.

Luckily, sunglasses for women and men protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Yet, for stylish men and women, just any pair of sunglasses won’t do. You need a fashionable pair to match your unique aesthetic.

What are the top sunglasses trends to consider in 2023? That’s what we are talking about in this guide. Keep reading for the top six sunglass trends you need to know.

1. Early 2000s-Inspired Sunglasses

The early 2000s have seeped into every corner of the fashion industry. And designer sunglasses are no exception. Look to early aughts Paris Hilton and brands like Chrome Hearts if you need inspiration for this trend.

We’ve recently seen the rise of white acrylic frames for this very reason. Thick, chunky white frames were all the rage in the naughties. Choose an oversized pair to go full early 2000s or smaller frames for a modern twist on the trend.

Elton John may have been most famous in the ’70s, but his distinct style influenced early-aught sunglasses, too. Trendy sunglasses embellished with rhinestones, pearls, and glitter take inspiration from this British icon.

Last but not least (literally), logomania is back in 2023. Logomania is the use of all-over luxury branded logos that became popular in the early 2000s. Bonus points if you buy a pair of shades with metallic-colored logos.

2. Unique Lenses

Unique lenses may be another early 2000s-inspired trend, but we think it deserves a spot of its own. After all, there are just so many ways to get in on this trend.

Perhaps the most popular way to spice up your sunglass lenses right now is with tint or mirroring. Tinted lenses are either darkened or colored. Mirrored lenses are, well, mirrored.

The hands-down trendiest lens color right now is pink. Purple, blue, and even brown are also trendsetter-approved. You can even combine these trends with mirrored colorful lenses.

3. Face Shape-Friendly

Want to know the easiest sunglasses trend to get in on? Choose a pair in any colorway or material you wish. What your trendsetting shades should share in common is the perfect shape for the face of the person wearing them.

Finding the right sunglasses for your face shape is down to a science these days. Measure from cheekbone to cheekbone, ear lobe to ear lobe, and forehead to chin to discover which of the following face shapes you have:

  • Round: A face with gentle curves and equal length and cheekbone width
  • Oval: A face with more length than jawline, forehead, or cheekbone width
  • Diamond: A face with sharp angles and equal length and cheekbone width
  • Square: A face with equal length and forehead and jawline width
  • Rectangle: A face with more length but equal forehead and jawline width
  • Heart: An oval-shaped face with a widow’s peak and a pointed chin

Once you determine your face shape, choose the opposite sunglass shape. For example, round and oval faces benefit from square-shaped frames, while round frames are better for people with square, rectangular, or diamond face shapes.

4. Extreme Sizes

Sunglass size trends are at both ends of the spectrum. Oversized sunglasses are beginning to emerge in popularity. But the smaller sizes that went viral over the past few years have yet to go out of style.

Look at the runway shows of Balmain and Lanvin to see smaller frames in action. On the other hand, Chanel, Rick Owens, and Off White showed a ton of dark, oversized shades that can inspire you to go big with your sunglasses.

5. Vintage Shapes

The early 2000s isn’t the only decade in style for 2023. The ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s are also back for sunglass styles.

Buy sunglasses with a cat-eye shape for a retro 1950s look. The cat-eye shape hit peak popularity during this decade, worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

If you would rather get the ’60s look, go for browline glasses. Browline glasses feature thick, brow-like upper rims while the bottom is rimless. Malcolm X is one famous icon who made this shape popular during this decade.

Aviators for men and butterfly-shaped sunglasses for women will give your look a groovy 1970s vibe. Eyewear brands like Cartier are experts at ’70s-inspired shapes if you need a little inspiration.

6. Suited for Your Lifestyle

One sunglasses trend that will never go out of style is choosing a pair that suits your unique lifestyle. You can see this idea in the athletic-style sunglasses trending this year from sunglasses brands like Adidas.

Dark lenses may be uber-trendy right now. But they also have real benefits for eye protection. The darker the lenses, the more UV rays they block and the safer your eyes are.

Another consideration is if you wear designer glasses. In this case, prescription sunglasses are the most fashionable choice for you.

Looking for Designer Sunglasses for Women and Men?

These are the top six trending sunglasses for women and men. No matter which trends you want to incorporate into your 2023 wardrobe, consider adding custom prescription lenses to see in style.

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