5 Tips for Choosing the Best Designer Eyeglasses

The way you dress matters. It defines your mood and sets the tone for not only your day but your entire life. And your designer eyeglasses are the most important piece of any outfit you put together.

You will be wearing your designer eyeglasses with every outfit you choose. Day in and day out your glasses will never leave you. You need to make sure you pick out the best glasses frames possible for a happy lifestyle.

Keep reading for our tips on how to choose eyeglasses that will have you ready to take on the day.

What Do You Want?

You know what you like when it comes to fashion and glasses are no exception to that rule. Before you start to consider what makes good designer eyeglasses, you need to make a list.

Your list will consist of what you do and don’t want for your glasses. You should be able to draw from the previous glasses you have owned.

In love with Theo’s modern glasses designs? Write down why you are. Try looking to similar brands to see more eyeglasses inspiration for your new pair.

You know what you like about glasses. That should be the first component of your list. You may even want to put down what you have always wanted in a pair but have never had.

Your lifestyle may make you want custom sun-clips. This is a service we can offer you in your eyeglasses search. Write down that your new eyeglasses will need to have this feature.

Knowing what you want will be a great foundation to pick the best pair of designer eyeglasses. If you need extra help be sure to check out our expert frame styling option. We can help you lay the groundwork for your perfect eyeglasses.

Check the Trends

All forever styles started as a fashion trend. To lay out a good starting point for what you want for your glasses, check out trending glasses frames.

Some of the most popular glasses frames for 2021 include fun and exciting colors. Eyewear with bright and contrasting styles will up your fashion game. You can find this new world of colors trend in Robert Marc‘s collection.

Another recent glasses trend has been a more sleek and sophisticated style. These reflective glass frames will complement your wardrobe. If you have taken a shine to this trend look at Face-A-Face’s options for elegant golden frames.

It’s also important to look at trending materials when considering glasses frames. Buffalo horn is a timeless material that has been in style since its creation.

Are you hoping to buy a pair of buffalo horn glasses? We offer buffalo horn conditioning. Check out our services to make sure your frames remain as beautiful as when you first purchased them.

Find Your Color

Your eyeglasses are a stand-alone accessory, so you need to know what color will make your skin tone pop.

Check your skin tone. There are many websites and other resources to help you in your journey to figure out the perfect color. Once you know what your skin tone is, you will be able to identify what can complement it.

What works well with your skin isn’t the only way to pick out your color. You also need to think about what you want from your glasses.

If you’re hoping to complement a sophisticated style, check out darker options. Black and brown are perfect colors for chic eyeglasses.

Pick out glasses that will match your favorite color if you want to add some happiness to your style. Bright colors will add new layers to your wardrobe.

If you can’t find the perfect color for your glasses, look at our custom painting service. We’ll make sure you find the exact color you want for your glasses.

Shape Is Everything

Shape is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying glasses. Whether bold or subtle, shape defines your eyeglasses’ style.

The shape of your frames should complement your face. Find out your face type to discover suggestions on what styles will best suit you.

How to choose glasses frames also depends on your personal style. What have you liked about the glasses shapes you’ve had before? What did you dislike about them?

You can do a lot with nothing but the shape of your eyeglasses. It’s possible to build your entire look around your eyeglasses’ shape.

If you want to add even more layers to your glasses, try custom lens engraving. We can give you a custom lens engraving that will add a new dimension to your glasses’ shape.

Consider the Fit

Style, shape, and color are important. But without the right fit, you won’t be happy with your designer eyeglasses. Instead, you’ll be too worried about your glasses falling off.

You need to make sure your frames are the perfect fit for you.

While someone will fit your glasses to your face, the perfect fit starts with the brand. All brands fit in different ways. La Loop may work better for you than Hapter.

Explore your options before you start your proper fitting for the best possible fit. When your glasses are being fitted, double-check with yourself. Make sure that they are comfortable.

You’ll need to move around with them for extra measure. Try looking down to test how well they stay on your face.

If they don’t feel comfortable, don’t be afraid to ask for a refitting. We offer custom lens shaping, frame modification, and frame repairing. Use our services to make sure you are always wearing glasses that feel perfect on your face.

Find the Best Designer Eyeglasses

These tips will guide you on how to choose glasses frames that will be perfect for you. But the most important tip is to make sure you choose designer eyeglasses that you love.

Make sure to consider our designer eyeglasses collection. We offer expert frame styling and a quick turnaround time. We customize Cartier sunglasses and Tom Davies Bespoke.

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