5 Tips for Choosing Cartier Designer Eyeglasses

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Did you know that sunglasses date all the way back to prehistoric times?

While not exactly designer eyeglasses, these primitive inventions did help to keep the sun out of people’s eyes! Now, though, you don’t have to craft your own pair from ivory tusks.

You can buy sunglasses and prescription lenses from a number of shops, including Eye Elegance. If you’re shopping for Cartier designer eyeglasses with us, we’ve put together our top tips to help you find your perfect pair.

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1. Know Which Frames Suit Your Face

When shopping for Cartier eyeglass frames, knowing which styles are going to look good on your face is a must. It’ll make the process a lot simpler and ensure you find the frames that are perfect for you. Here’s a brief look at which glasses suit which face shapes.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are the easiest to find designer eyeglass frames for. Almost any style will suit you! Go bold with cat eyes or an oversized frame and play around until you discover your perfect pair.

Heart-Shaped Faces

As heart-shaped faces are made up of straight and soft lines, it’s easy to find sunglasses that compliment them. Aviators, cat-eye frames, and Clubmaster-inspired looks are all great options. But, as with oval faces, you might find that almost every pair of glasses in Houston suits you.

Round Faces

Soft, curvy faces should be complemented by your designer eyeglasses for women and men. Play with different styles of round frames to see which works best on your face. If you have a small face, stick to smaller glasses with thinner frames.

Square Faces

A defined jawline makes this face shape ideal for angular designer glasses. Look at square or rectangular choices and boldly designed frames for when you’re feeling a little more glamorous.

Rectangle Faces

If you’re looking for designer eyeglasses online to suit a rectangular face, avoid round, soft frames. Instead, head towards a large, deep, square style that’s going to follow the lines of your face perfectly.

Triangle Faces

Your defined jaw makes you the perfect candidate for a square frame, however, a slight curve to the lens can soften your look. Cat-eye glasses, too, will look great on you and point the attention towards your forehead to even out your proportions.

2. Do You Need Subscription Designer Eyeglasses?

When looking for sunglasses or clear lenses, your search will be a little different if you need a prescription. For you, glasses aren’t just a fashionable accessory or a way to block out the sun! They’re practical, and they need to work for you.

Something you should know before searching for eyeglasses near me is your pupillary distance. This is the distance between both of your pupils, and it’s normally measured in millimeters.

By knowing your pupillary distance, you can find a pair of lenses that are going to work best for you. This is something that affects the shape of the lens and therefore how it corrects your vision, so it’s important to know!

3. Ask All the Questions You Need to

Whether you’re buying custom sunglasses or Cartier frames, you should always ask as many questions as you need to. Don’t be shy! Cartier eyeglasses aren’t cheap, so it’s vital you ask everything you need to know now rather than wait until it’s too late.

A trusted seller will always be happy to answer your questions, too, no matter how many you have. Some common questions we’re asked by Cartier customers include:

  • Which face shapes the styles are best suited for
  • If there are more color options available
  • What size are the lenses and frames?
  • Are there non-polarized and polarized options?

If you’re talking with a reputable brand, they should have answers to all of these questions.

4. Are You Choosing an Everyday Pair?

If you’re looking at designer eyeglasses for men and women, you need to think about where and when you’ll be wearing them. Are your Cartier eyeglasses only for special occasions, or are they going to be worn every day? This can drastically change the style you choose.

For example, if you’re opting for an everyday look, you’ll need to find frames that suit all occasions. A neutral color that works with your wardrobe is your best bet and a frame style that you’ll be happy to wear no matter where you are. If you like a cat-eye but not just for popping to the store, maybe go for a more understated frame.

5. Trends or Timeless?

When it comes to sunglasses for women, there are a lot of trends. Almost every year, the “in” look changes. For example, go back a few years and an oversized frame was the look in Vogue, whereas now it’s all about tiny, elongated frames that are almost pocket-sized!

Before buying yours, consider whether you want a look that’s super fashionable now or a more classic, timeless style that won’t make quite as much of a statement. Do a bit of research into both options before picking the right one for you. Remember, if your Cartier glasses are an investment, it’s always smarter to choose the timeless style that’ll be fashionable for a lot longer.

Shop Designer Eyeglasses at Eye Elegance

Designer eyeglasses are an investment that’s well worth the money. Not only do they instantly elevate any outfit and remove the need for mascara (hooray!), but they also protect your eyes and the skin around them from harmful UV rays.

If you’re looking for Cartier sunglasses or eyeglasses, you can find a wide range at Eye Elegance. If you have any questions about the products we stock, feel free to pop into one of our stores or get in touch online and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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