5 Reasons to Add an Anti-Reflective Treatment to Your Lenses.

If you watch even the smallest amount of television, you’ve probably seen the new commercial for “Crizal lenses.” You know, the commercial with a pair of glasses going through dust, being splashed with water, and even being hit with a ball? At the end of the commercial one lens is filthy and scratched but the other lens which happens to be a Crizal lens, remains in perfect condition. This ad does a great job of communicating the benefits of an anti-reflective treatment, because that’s exactly what Crizal is. Crizal is an anti-reflective (AKA non-glare) treatment applied to lenses that improve the wearers experience in many different ways. No matter what your prescription is, whether you wear a lined bifocal or a progressive or even glasses just for reading, here are 5 reasons you need anti-reflective lenses:

1. Reduce Glare. Lenses with an anti-glare treatment reduce the visually draining glare from computers and fluorescent lights. This means your eyes aren’t straining to see through the glare and feel less fatigued at the end of the day. By eliminating glare you’ll notice crisper vision at night and feel more comfortable driving after dark. Without glare, lenses also look virtually invisible to those around you. People can see your eyes, without the unsightly reflections on your lenses. You’ll notice this in pictures and when you’re talking to others.

2. Protect Your Investment. Prescription lenses are an investment and should last you for years to come. An anti-glare treatment protects your investment by making your lenses scratch resistant. A double sided hard coating protects from daily wear and tear and keeps your lenses clear and comfortable.

3. Low Maintenance.¬†Anti-reflective technology repels dust and dirt which reduces blurry, hazy vision. Since it repels dirt you’ll spend less time cleaning your lenses and see clear throughout the day. When it does come time to clean your lenses you’ll notice fingerprints and oil easily wipe away thanks to a hydrophobic coating. Lenses are easy to clean and stay cleaner longer.

4.Water Resistant. Every glasses wearer knows how annoying rain can be when it comes to our lenses. Crizal’s hydrophobic top coating creates hassle-free lenses that are more convenient to wear in the rain. By repealing water, blurry and distorted vision is reduced which results in clear, comfortable vision even on a rainy day.

5. UV Protection. Some anti-reflective treatments like Crizal can now provide UV protection with E-SPF 25. This means your eyes are 25 times better protected than if you weren’t wearing lenses. UV protection can also be provided through the lens material itself and it’s just as important to have in your clear lenses as it is in your sun lenses.

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