2018 Eyewear Trends

A few of this year’s most enduring eyewear trends include minimalism, tinted lenses/shades, and a return to earth tones, among others. As we head into 2019, here are a few trends we love to take you forward—fashionably.

Trend: Minimalism

Sleeker profiles were a big 2018 eyewear trend, in line with the resurgence of 1990s fashion. Thin metal frames, smaller lenses, and a sleek, minimalist style are all sticking around.

Trend: Retro

It’s not just the ‘90s coming back, retro styles from the ‘50s and ‘60s are also increasingly popular. The look is refreshed with a more minimalist profile, giving styles like aviators and cat eye frames a more tailored look that straddling the line between modern and throwback.

Trend: Tints

Tinted lenses for eyeglasses and sunglasses are popular, in a wide rainbow of hues. Another sharp take on this trend: blackout lenses, which add drama to any ensemble.

Trend: Enhanced Eye Protection

It’s cool to care about your eye health, and your options are better than ever.

  • Blue-light blocking technology reduces digital eye strain; “computer reading” glasses can help you protect vision and reduce eye strain during prolonged use of digital devices and in 2018, that’s a big group.
  • Enhance your lenses with coatings to prevent glare (anti-reflective, or “AR”), resist scratching, and even prevent fogging up.
  • UV treatments block damaging UVA and UVB sun rays

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